Nov. 20th, 2016

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I haven't much been in the mood for playing Sims lately. :( All the same, I've been hanging out in the community, and I'm still thinking of my projects.

The future of the Travecy and such. )

When I finish the Travecy, I also want to start the 20th Century Challenge I wrote the rules for last year. I have a feeling that one's going to be a looooong runner, since it's 12 generations, so I want a bit of a head start. When the ISBI finishes, it will be given main priority, so again I would like readers to be a bit familiar with the characters. I'm going for a slightly more serious tone with this challenge. There will be the usual (inappropriate) jokes and stuff, but I probably won't be adding any of the fantasy elements of the game. I also admit up front that this legacy will not appeal to everyone. The rules are fairly draconian, for the purpose of creating a demanding challenge. I won't be apologizing for playing out a way of life that's unacceptable in modern society. Also, I'm not here to educate anyone. I will credit my readers with already knowing wrong from right. There will be many things going on in the first generations that aren't seen as ethical today. Expect me to make dark jokes about them, rather than getting righteously angry and constantly reminding the readers of how terrible this is/was. The early generations will be somewhat inspired by my own family history, and people they knew. It will be set in a very rural and homogenous (at least in modern terms) environment, and many people simply will not find themselves represented. However, this is a story of a changing society. Things will change over the course of the 12 generations, obviously.

I'll be posting the updated challenge rules at a later point.

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