Dec. 17th, 2016

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I really don't need more CC. There are already 300 files in my "to be installed" folder, most of which I have forgotten the contents of. I've got loads of "not my taste" recolours of outfits, that I'm trying to weed out of my downloads. Most of the pants I've got, for either gender and all ages, have untucked versions that I'm trying to lose. And then, there is all the stuff that I simply don't want in my game anymore. It's taking forever to sort it out. x(

Soooooo what do I go and do? I go on a downloading spree! Of course. The good news is that I'm finding a lot of hairs that will look not-too-anachronistic in my 20th century hood.
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Good mercy... Anyway, the Starblooms are still in Victorian England, looking for the mysterious book that holds all of Edgar's dastardly deeds and dark secrets. Last time, their lot was haunted by a lot of monsters that made life ghastly. They turned out to be summoned by the gravestone of Imogen the Ingenue, which turned out to not be her actual grave. Someone is clearly trying to scare the Starblooms away. They've also been getting creepy phone calls, despite having the only phone in existance.

Aamilei and Andrina both grew up to teenagers. Their Victorian innocense was shattered, when Nernia insisted they should be given The Talk. Aami took her aggro out on the monsters in the garden. Elvira Crane, sister of the late Imogen, asked Aylatani to look after her daughter, Virginia, who's being targeted by evil forces. Phil and Aylatani both got their Perma-Plat, and Phil started inventing the car with help from Buck. William moved in, which made Riana very happy.

This chapter features a whole slew of Sims belonging to [ profile] alittlestrange.

Narrator? Are you ready?

The Victorian expedition comes to its unexpected conclusion. )

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