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Hi! I know you've been waiting for the Starblooms, and the update is finally here! :D I'm sorry about the delays. Let's have a short-ish summary of what happened in 5.3, before I hand over the keyboard to a very enthusiastic Narrator.

Soooo, The twins - T'anamika and Nerniya - are fully grown and have finished their Auror training with Dumbledore. They're now in the mid-19th century, along with T'ana's temperamental husband Buck, and their two daughters. Aylatani, Phil, Iris, Riana, Adana, Ethan and Laurelin are also present.

A quarrel broke out between Buck and Ethan, followed by one between Buck and Adana. The family gave T'ana the choice, either dicipline her husband or rehome him, and it was decided that he should be locked up in the attic, as Victorians did with troublesome family members. Aamiley spent several years believing her dad was very sick, and had to go away. T'ana felt lonely, and decided to have another child with Buck, to keep a part of him around. It turned out to be a good decision, because her second daughter, Andrina, is the Chosen One. Buck got help from Dumbledore to put some of his anger problems aside, and came back to his family.

The family began receiving creepy phone calls, despite most households not even having a phone. 21rst century super heroes, Lora and Beau (Wolfman Junior) ([livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange) hung around on a frequent basis. Everyone was addicted to the "predition cards," and saw a possible new threat in Antenna Man. Oh, and Nerniya randomly got married to Bertie, Weedy's son. He's moved in and goes by the name of "Orca."

Narrator, are you ready and set?

Hiii, this is Narrator, and I'm finalllllly going to tell you what happened to T'ana and her family!!! :D :D :D I've missed her sooooOOOOOOOOOOooo much?! And her beautiful children. I've wanted to play them again, because the Edgarcy is so ugly, LOL! PS: This update is VERY FRIGHTENING!

Aaimiley was helping doing chores like a typical Victorian child. They had to make her live so hard life so her teachers wouldn't be suspitious that her famly was abnormal?

Look how beautiful she was! She looked so much like her father, who had been a much sadder child in our own age (or the 1990s but that's almost our age) and his teachers were never supersticious that maybe his grandmother had killed his grandfather and brother.

But Buck was very happy now, because he lived in a world where his evil family didn't exist. And he had his beautiful children to keep him meaning in life. Andrina was a very happy baby.

She was too little to know that she was the Chosen One. But she was sooooo beautiful already. She looks so muych like her pretty Mom, but she's got a sexy tan like her Dad and has the REAL Aylatani's glorious eyes.

Aamileo: Aunt Nerniya, Maman tells me stories of the ghastly Vengeful Ghosts.

Nerniya: They are our hideous foes, but we shall take to battle againstt them in an unforetold future, and we shall prevail. Take heart, our little flower!

NOOOO Dumbledore you can't bathe naked in the hot tub so the neighbours can see you 150 years ago!!! They just had to put it out of the attic for some space!

Wolfman Junior came home with Adana every day after work (she time-travelled to go to job) and then he stayed all day to learn the mysteries of the past because he's got Knowledge Aspiration. And when it got too late he went home to his family and told wonderous tales of mischief and adventure.

Orca: Your aunt and me are trying to grow some children in a flowerpot, but we can't find the right seeds. They all become flowers instead.

Aamyleigh: As much as I would adore to have cousins, I simply love flowers! When spring comes to light our lives anew, you can plant them in our yard and make it into an enchanted garden!

She needs new winter clothes, she can't go to school in that jacket. :(

Orca had to babysit Hester one day. He couldn't tell her that they were in the past, because her young mind wouldn't be able to handle the implications. Instead he lied and said they were in a posh neighbourhood where everyone was really old-fashioned, and that not to be so sad when they laughed at her face because they weren't used to progressive Uglacy.

On no a scandal! Laurelin and Ethan slept in T'ana's bed together! But they only SLEPT in it they didn't sleep in it! They're faithful but the Victorians are very nosy and report any gossip to the Royal Court. Then people were tortured with thumbscrews and iron maiden until they confessed to things they hadn't done.

T'ana couldn't find space in her own bed. :( But she slept over with her twin and they told funny stories from they were kids (before Edward and Jacob ruined their hearts) until they fell asleep and dreamed sweet dreams.

I can't believe they are adults they grew up so fast!

Aamilei: Adia was correct in her assertion, that blue toadstools do infact exist!

Aami wandered into the dark, mysterious forest behind her home. She had been told many a time to be wary of its dark recesses, but her childlike heart was filled with a sense of wonder and imagination.

Amiylee: Oh no, a grave stone! How very sad. :( I wonder who is buried here, in the woods near our house. The engraved text is so darling tiny.

Text on gravestone: Under this mortal soil sleep the earthly remains of Imogen the Ingenue. A brighter and purer light has scarcely shone under these foreboding skies. She was to us the dearest heart. Only twelve years of age, she was set upon by the ills and evils of ten wretched deceases. Her memorie lives on untarnished. Interred in a secluded spot where the corrupt and vindictive will not find her resting place, may she ever sleep peacefully.

Amiley: Oh no! This is so poignant. D: She was but a year older than me!

Aami was so sad about Imogen that she decided to distract herself with hunting bugs. In that day and age, naturalism was a great passtime for the intellectual.

I this day and age, naturalism means running around naked with your privates blowing in the wind, and being judgemental towards people who don't appreciate the sight of it! >:(

Riana: Aami, you have to come home! The woods are dangerous. There are wolferdiggers and giant aragogs in there!

Riana: Where are you? I don't like this oppressive atmosphere!

Aami: I was just catching some bugs, and the blue toadstools are real! Did you know Imogen the Ingenue?

Riana: Oh no! How do you know???

Aami: She's buried not far from here. I saw her headstone.

Riana: Imogen was already dead when we came here. She died terribly from cholera, smallpox, bubonic plague, tetanus, blood poisoning, malaria, pneumonia, bronchitis, diphteria and scarlet letter. When she died, she already looked like she had been dead for a week. That's why she's buried out here, so her body wouldn't be dug up by unscrupulous Victorian medical students, looking for a specimen. In her life she was beautiful and kind, and it was a tragedy that she should die as a revolting heap of pus and purulence. But they say her clean and pure spirit remains alive, and watches over children who get lost in the forest. People light candles for her in the woods, when autumn falls. But I think that's a bit much to ask of a kid after she died so grodily, so I sure hope she went to the afterlife and is happy.

Aami: This breaks my heart to think of. She could have been my friend. I wish she was alive, so we could be friends instead. I wanna go home now.

Wolfman Junior was back. He had shed his brown summer fur, and now he was grey for the winter.

Buck: I'm so happy here, with our lovely family and our wonderful friends. I wish we could stay, and didn't have to fight Edgar and dinosaurs.

Tan'a: But the rest of my family back home is also very nice. My Dad is smacked in the head, but my Mom is really sane. Plus I miss my little brother, and want to see him again.

Ethan liked being in the century before the previous one, because there was no Ryan there, and then he had Adana's full attention.

Andrina was sooo pretty baby! I almost wish she didn't have to grow up! But she's the Chosen One with the Eyes that See the Truth. She will find the book of Edgar. One day. It said in the Book of Prophecy.

Oscar: I observe that Sir is walking around in his sleep garments. Does this mean you are taking an early night? I take it you must be the mysterious husband of the charming T'anamika. You were off and really ill, was it so?

Buck: Yeah, right. I had the scruff-plague for many years, and now I'm getting rehabillitated into society.

Oscar: That is a valid excuse for your absence, I imagine.

Oscar: Mr. Starbloom, may I kindly inquire as to why you are strolling into the forest at this time of the night, when the stalker fog is creeping in?

Buck: I was in a hospital bed for five years, I relish fresh air at all times of the clock.

In the forest was Lorry! She was being spooked by a spectre.

But she was a super hero, so she had the power to make it go away. Or something?

Buck: Oh no! The Vengeful Ghost has made the hot lady pass out in scared. She looks so sexy in distress like that!


Buck: Yeah I kinda figured. He's dressed like my grandpa did when he came howling out of the walls at night. We need to see if Dory is alright.

Wolfman Junior: Buck you don't know how to handle this. The ghost is high grade.


Loris: That was an unpleasant experience. But the ghost told me something. It said that the worst enemy is yet to come.

Wolfman Junior: Did it say who.

Lori: No but it said something like "Y'all are wrong about this one."

Buck: Oh no! What if it is ANTENNA MAN????!!!

Oscar: This is disagreeable.

SUDDENLY THE TREE CAME ALICE AND GRABBED WILFMAN JUNIOR'S LEG! But he was stronger than it bargained for and it suffered a fractured root for the effort. >:)

Wolfman Junior: The Stalker Fog! We need to leave.

Oscar: I'm impressed with how you handled this situation. Since I'm a time-traveller, I have learned to admire strong women. Does your home time have any knowledge about this peril?

Lora: No, that's why I'm here to look for answers. The memories of it has been lost.

A phew they're home again! Andrina had a bed, I promise, but she was a hardy child who could sleep peacefully on a hardwood floor.

T'ana: Vengeful Ghosts? Antenna Man?? Oh no, this is terribulle.

Lolidonna had a prediction meeting with the time-travellers. (But Sharna isn't just a time-traveller. She's from another world too, remember! In the Edgarcy she's in her real life.)

Buck was still trying to make up for all the years he'd lost with Aami. Dumbledore had made so he and Ethan didn't hate each other any more, so he really thought he had been in hospital with scruff-pest, because that's how he remembered it. It wasn't pleasant. Victorian syringes were big bastards.

A mysterious shape was sneaking past their house. OH NO IT WAS VERY SCARY!!!

Next morning everything seemed normal. Phil was making muffins and Riana was sneaking milk.

Adana: You are so lucky you're still in school. I wish it was me, I miss all the fun and drama, and I even miss homework! It would be rad to go to a Victorian school for the experience!

Iris: At least the Headmaster's grandfather wears a bathroab when we paint him sexily.

Suddenly... there was a creepy dead tree that wasn't there yesterday!

Adana went to cut it down.

It started to absorb her!

Tree: NOM NOM.

Adana: Spit me out immediately! I'm just skin and bones anyway!

She stabbed the tree and it died.

Then she saw it! Some other poor guys had not been so lucky! D:

Adana: If I kill the tree, their souls can escape.

There were sooo many!

Even really cute siblings fight sometimes. :(

Andrina: I feel tall!?

Aami: Wow your'e almost my age now!

She was still so pretty! But she couldn't wear pants and pink didn't go with her hare.

Laurelin: You are the Chosen One. You must learn the powers of Ariglacy!

Ethan: If Thou art a Vengeful Ghost, wherefore (that means why) art Thou out in ye bright shine of ye daylight?

Vengeful Ghost: BooooOOoooo booooo!

Ethan: Verily Thou goest away immediately! Scram!

Oh no! There was a horrible tree person behind him! Why is the forest coming alive???! Yeah okay it was always alive, but I mean ALIVE.

But the scary treeman was from the good forces of nature. He gave Ethan a strenghtening potion, and told him to be brave in the fight against the Worst Foe.

Ethan still wants babies, but at least he had Little Timmy.

He's so cute. :( Why does Adana almost cheat on him in her heart with someone as crazy and sad as Ryan? But Ryan is kind of cute too, and he's awfully nice when he's not running around naked (he's a naturalist) or wants to watch people poo.

It was dangerous to be out at night, so the kids had to play inside the fence. Even when the parents were there. They had chickens, so they could get fresh eggs, and ducks.

Orca was Aami's favourite uncle, but he played rough. It's because he was half orphan, and Weedy raised him under only her own influence as an Apex Predator.

Andrina: Why do YOU have a nice night dress, and I have Dad's old PJs that shrunk in the wash??????! I'm the chosen one, not you!!!!

Aami: LOL, you're so drama queen!

Andrina: I'm not a babby anymore! Why can't I shower alone?

Riana: Because when we go to our own country, there is another culture, and you have to get used to people having to look at each other naked. But don't tell at school. Plus you're a kid and could drown.

Riana: Plus you need to be prepared to live with your grandfather. You can use the toilet because this is normal!

Andri is soooo beautiful. She got a lovely dress with lots of lace, and was almost ready for school.

She had to do her hair more old-fashioned, so Mrs Swiller's grandmother didn't complain about dress code. And she got a nice nightgown so she didn't have to be jealous of her only sister.

Aami: When we grow up, we're going to do important things. You're going to find the book that tells us how to defeat Edgar, and I'm going to meet someone special, and we're having an adventure in foreign lands.

Andrina: The Crystal Ball says that we're going to find out a terrible secret soon, and that we're not ready. I wonder what it could be! It sounds very interesting! :D

Andrina: Why do you throw the ball so hard???

Aami: I only have one Nice Point, hee hee!

But Tv Tropes say that good is not nice, so she's not evil.

And Andri could take care of herself. C:<



Nerniya and Orca were so happy to have met. They told people they were Beauty and the Beast, and that the story was their biography.

Ta'na: It's time you learn the prophecies. Come sit with the grown ups tonight!

Aami: Is this the secret I'm not ready for? :D

Nerniya: I'm receiving a vision! We have a side-quest. There's a pure and true soul who needs our help.

Aami: I want to be their friend!

Nerniya: Another message! I see... bones. Hollow eyes.

Aami: Ooooh this is exiting!

Nerniya: Something with cooking? Or chemistry? Potions? It's unclear. :I

Riana: Predictions are never easy to interpret.

Nerniya: And something about medicine or anatomy. It's shocking and unthinkable.

Aami: Maybe it's something to do with Imogen who died from all those illnesnesses?

Riana: No this is the future. Maybe she comes back as a ghost.

THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! There's a Doomhorse, and a giant spider, and more creepy forest that's not there before!

Iris: Hooray we live in a ghost house! :D

The school bus is pulled by huge Clydesdale horses. You can't see them, because they're behind the bus getting water. It's too bad because they're beautiful horses! :(

Nerniya was terrified, but she knew she had to fight the monsters off. She couldn't believe she had seen a Doomhorse, nobody believed they were real!

Phil was very happy.

Laurelin: I can't believe this! And we used to not believe in Diaper Man!

Riana: He was made because Bella couldn't contain all her immature stupidity, and it was dense enough to take physical shape. Who do you think is dark and evil enough that these creatures sprout from them?

Laurelin: It HAS to be Edgar! D:

Some of the creatures where good, but you had to talk to them to find out. T'ana talked to a treeperson and it told her that it was important to always remember that love is the strongest force.

Salamandra came to inspect the mysterious happenings, because she's a very rational person, so maybe they wouldn't happen if she was there to (not?) observe them all.

Let's get her inside before the Victorians see her!

Salamandra: It's very important with interpersonal relationships should be based on deeper understanding is essential to the wellbeing of the mind can be seriously undermined when allegations of impossible events have been circulating recently.

Laurelin: You are very intellectual.

Salamandra: It is hard for you to grasp the implications seems to be that certain factors are disturbing the perception cannot be reliably measured and studied and has proven that many earlier misconceptions are infact wrong.

Aww look! The ducklings have hatched. LOL not those Ducklings!

NOOOOOO! NERNIYAAAA! IS SHE DEAD?????!!! What was she doing out in the forest at night? D':

Phew she wasn't dead! But she barely had time to get to safety before the treemen and a HUGE wolferdigger came running after her.

Salamandra: SHOO FLEE?!

Ugly Peter: Salamandra WTF???


Oh no!!!

Salamandra: Hooray, I have given birth to a historical person! (He's not famous, but he's historical since he was born in the past, 170 years before he was born.)

Salamandra: Aww, he looks just like us! LOL!

Riana: Babies are not supposed to look like this! What have you creepy perpetrators done now? Science is not to be played with!

Peter had to drive Salamandra and the babies home in the time machine.

Doora: Great. More babies.

This is Carlotta. They haven't remembered to feed her for a few weeks!

And this is Carmelia who they spliced with mouse-DNA.

Salamandra: Things will be better around here. Now the siblings grow upp and will be more cognitively abled.

LMAO such beautiful! x)

Oh yeah, and they have names. The bulldog one is called Roderick, and the guy with dreads (he's gonna get a haircut sometime) is Dwayne.


Sharla: Nooooo Mooooom, not moooooore sibliiiings???

Clayton: With so many family members, there can't be any love, only oppression and biohazard.

This is Michelline.

Peter: Mom, Carlotta is stuck in a wall. Come and pull her out, I have enough with another BABY!

This is Ralphy, but he's not too ralphy.


David: This is the most beautiful child we have ever had. Her name is Chastity!

Dorka: I freaking HOPE so. And this is Prudence, she will not multiply!

Carlotta: We've been grown up so we can spread the word that there are no vengeful ghosts.

Sharla: Yay I have more girls to play with!

Sharla: Yass, he looks just like me!

Michelline is part horse and part frog.

Prudence is half chipmunk.

And Chastity looks like she's exactly the same person as Dingo.



Well, it's not ending for a while yet. So I guess we won't know for some time. But there's another chapter coming up very soon, and I plan on playing the Starblooms until I have grown the Gen6 girls up, so some answers should be provided. :)
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