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Wow, we're really getting up in the generations here. :) I don't know how many have had time to read 5.4 yet, since it was posted pretty late last night, but I'm including a summary of it for the benefit of future readers. It's under the cut, for spoilerz.

Last time, things got very goffick for our friends. Aamilei went for a walk in the forest, and discovered the grave of a girl known as Imogen the Ingenue. Riana told her the sad story of Imogen's life, which seems to have awakened an inner darkness in Aami. Andrina grew up, and I don't want to brag, but she's really gorgeous. Buck, Lora and Duckman Junior ([livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange's Beau) encountered Vengeful Ghosts in the forest. Lora was given a telepathic message that the "worst foe" is coming. Spooky. Nasty creatures of the dark started invading the Starbloom's grounds, but they were brave and fought them off.

The kids started learning predictions, and learned that there's a dark secret in store for them. Salamandra Ottomas also came to visit. She talked quasi-coherent "intellectual" hogwash, and proceded to give birth to yet another six babies. All but one were as ugly as expected.

Narrator, you can take over from here.

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! :D I'm the Narrator! Now I'm going to tell you SHOCKING NEWS! yAY! I loooove this story!

Aamilei was sleeping because it had been a long scary day. :( Look how cozy her corner of the bedrrom was. She had to share a room with her parents and Andri, but that's how Victorians did it.

The painting above her bed showed a beautiful garden. She didn't need dreadful pictures to teach her about dangers, like the children in the Wasteland (Read the Edgarcy!!!), because she could learn them right outside of the door. The picture was to give her nice things to aspire to.

Adana was out walking in the dark forest at night. She had to see the Vengeful Ghosts for herself. They didn't have the power to frighten her, and she wasn't the one they had revenge on so it seemed they didn't really care?

Adana: Yes, just like I thought. Someone has planted a Summoner.

She used her sharp dagger to destroy it like in Deathly Hallows.

A terrible Tree Person(s) was stuck in the porch! D:

Adana: I have to put them out of their misery!

She looked so beautiful and brave like a princess when she slayed monsters wearing a beautiful pink ballgown with delicate ivory lace and silver trim.

Good Tree Person: Thank you! You have done something to restore balance in this realm!

T'ana: The kids don't have health class at school. When should we have The Talk with them?

Aami: The talk about Edgar and the Quest? :D

Oh no..!

Aamilei: "Darling, we've been married for two years. I think we should plant a baby now." "Yes, my beautiful rose of a wife. I will get a pink flowerpot so we get a GIRL!"

Poor Amii, so innocent. :'(

Andrina: What happens if you plant a baby in a green or orange flower pot?

Aamily: We should try it for Science! But we're not old enough to get the Special Fertilizer that makes flowers into babies. :( They only seel it to married adults!

Andri: Yeah and I think Mom would be mad if we made another kid she had to take care of!

Aamilia: We could give it to Ethan and Adana. Then we would have used Science for something good like it's meant to!

Adana and Riana missed being kids, and sneaking up in their parents' (Aylatani and Garrett FYI) bed to tell ghost stories.

Orca: This is a very High Grade ghost! Luckily, I'm part whale and have a sonar frequency I can use to dillute his extoplastic.

Nerniya: Oh wow, I had an Eureka!

Orca: What?

Nerniya: The headstone! This is not where Imogen is buried at all! The stone summons the creatures!

Orca: You're so hot when you solve mysteries! <3 <3 <3!


T'ana: Stop putting in your face when I'm about to cook! You used to be the mature one!

Riana: I'm tired of being a pretend-adult!

At least her twin sister had a "husband" who came home to make her feel like a real woman every day.


Buck: I'm tired of hiding at home for ten years! I want to go out of the house!

The boys need new clothes so they can show themselves in town.

Aylatani: (I'm so happy that Phil loves me, even if I don't look like Laurelin no more!)

Adana was so used to nobody respecting her bathroom privacy that she stopped caring.

She taught Andrina good study technics, because Charles Dickens had written a letter to all the newspapers where he expressed worry about the condition of children's education.

He did stuff like that.

Ethan looked so great in appropriate clothing that Adana almost got a bit jealous seeing him talk to other girls.

Adana: You look sooo hot! The vest accentuates your strong, slim figure and mildly muscular chest.

Look closely at Aamiley, because she was about to not be a little girl anymore! :D :(

Riana: So many books, and none of them is the one about Edgar. We've borrowed almost the whole library between us by now!

T'ana: I think the propecy is right, and only my daughter can find it.

Aamiley was soooooo happy, because it was her last day of Mrs. Swiller's grandmother.

Oh, and she invited Michelline to her birthday party.

*sniff!* *sob* *booooo hoooooo!!!*


While Narrator regains her composture, I think we should find another outfit for Aami. She's got the Knowledge as her primary aspiration. TigerAnne approves heartily.

*sniffles* Yeah okay, I'm back now. Aami felt like being a progressive and rebellious teen, so she became a badass steampunker. :D It's just a phase, don't worry!

Even if it was really scary to be outside, the girls had to learn to live with danger.

Poor Chastity, but it probably was for the best. :( She was sooo ugly.

All the ducks and chickens had a hard time in the snow.

Suddenly, the snow was mysterious gone, and the stalker fog was stalking out from between the trees...

The kids stayed indoors.

What is this??? Why were two strangers kissing on the Starblooms' front porch? 8(

Why did people keep wandering into the woods? Didn't they know it was dangerous? Maybe she was like a shepherd girl or something?

Nerniya was angry with Ethan for spilling water on the floor.

Adana: Stop it, please! You know he is very sensitive and takes everything personally! :(

Nerniya: I think you're too close with my Dad, and he's affected you negatively.

Adana: Stop talking trash about Ryan! He loves you all, and you could have had MUCH WORSE fathers!

Nerniya: You're still in denial that he's crazy, and not the same kid who was your friend once, long ago. Things change, and you stay the same.

Aami: I don't think babies come from flower pots at all. That's childish. Aliens put them into your belly.

Nerniya: Now we give them The Talk!

Then everyone started giving them The Talk. D: They had to sit there and listen to lots of shocking and unthinkable revelations that made them feel sick to the pits of their stomachs. Suddenly Aami realized something horrible. Everyone she knew had actually DONE it, and she almost passed out on the floor in shock. Andrina didn't understand that, she thought it was something evil people and aliens did.

Aami: I... I'm not hungry. Maybe I can save my sandwich for later?

Nerniya: This is nothing to be embarrased about, it's all natural. Your grandfather runs around naked, you've got to get used to it!

Bertie: Yeah! In our own country, kids learn about this when they're like five!

Riana: Once, me and William were in a tent outside the House of Silent despair, and we [CENSORED!!!]

Nerniya: If you're not mature enough to deal with natural body functions, you sure aren't up for the quest!

T'anamika: Why did the kids run off to school so fast on a Monday, and who is going to do something with all the creatures that don't officially exist outside the window?

Andrina: This was the secret we weren't ready for. :(

The woods were growing like crazy all around them. Someone had to do something, else they would end up like Tarzan. (He was Victorian.)

Nerniya: Vengeful Ghost, what do you WANT???

Vengeful Ghost: *rasp* Beeeeeerrrrthaaaaa Hooooooorrrrrteeeeeence *rasp*

Nerniya: Yeah, well she doesn't LIVE HERE!

Aamilei was in so much shock and disreality, she didn't feel fear as she normally would whwen she faced the horrible miscreatures of the dark. Only gritty deternimation.

Aemilia: I have no innocense left. Killing evil things doesn't bother me anymore.

Iris understood how she felt, because she had felt that way when she had to start at her present day school and was selected for "art class" because of her talent. So she took Aami to the House of Silent Despair, where they always went to heal their emotional wounds.


She looked so plain and needy playing chess with herself, and loosing.

Riana started composing music, that reminded her of the old days. She missed her own time sooo much, especially earlier days when she was still gothic.

You can't usually see her elf-ears, because she's got long hear. But Garratt was fullblood Elf. So Riana and Adana are 75% elf, 10% fairy, 5% hobbit, 2.5% Japanese, 8.5% Native American, 20% mermaid and 7.5% alien. (You take half of what the parents are and add together, right?

I don't think psycho-girl can travel in time. It must be the House of Silent Despair that exists outside of time and space. Maybe they use it as a portal?!?!??! THIS COULD BE VITAL INFORMATION TO THEY'RE QUEST!

She wanted to buy love potion. But it's the Fortune Teller who sells it, not the witches. Ignoramus, LOL!

Elvira Crane: Imogen was my sister. Of course we didn't bury her far into the woods behind your house. Where she lies is a secret.

Aylatani: It must be so sad to think of her.

Elvira: I'm still sad about her every day of my life, and tragedy keeps me strong. I need to look after my daughters. Someone or -thing evil wants to do them in.

Aylatani: Just like my granddaughter, Tallie. An evil wizard called Edgar stalked her all her childhood and made her artificially prelgant with his ugly spawn, and now she's evil and thinks I murdered her grandmother who is myself!

Elivra: Then I must make sure my girls don't grow up. I've heard there is a drug.

Oh wow! Elvira was one of the kissers on the porch. They were spying! But they had good reason, poor people. They must be the kind souls who needed the Starblooms' help for a side quest.

Elivira: This is my middle child, Virginia. She's the new Ingenue, born with the exact same persinality and talents as Imogen had.

I see you spent a long time editing Face 1 when you made her.

She's a classic, holesome beauty! Modelled on the heroines of classic stories! What was that vampire one called again?

"Forbiden Fruit - The Tempation of Edward Cullen?"

Nooooo! The Sims story from IDK 2008? It was really goodf.

Elvira: Virginia is our light and hope, the only one who can banish the Skull Face Woman from this realm.

Aylatani: She's not real. That's just a legend to scare children at night. Edgar is real, though. He might want to make her have ugly babies with him, so her children will not inherit her beauty.

Elvira: My other daughter, Isobel, is only a normal child. But she's the splitting image of our Imogen, and I worry that the evil forces that made Imogen so sick will think that she has come back, and go after Isobel. Or maybe they will want to harm her just for reminding them so much if Imogen.

Aylatani: Let's join forces, and protext all our loved ones.

Virginia the Ingenue: What is it like never growing up? Mom wants me to take a potion that will make me this age forever, so Edgar can't use me for evil plans.

Iris: It's terrible. But at least you get to stay the same age. I have to reset from 19 to 13 every 6 years, so I lose lots of stuff I know, and have to use a kid's brain to think with again. Right now I'm 16. I feel a lot smarter.

Who is this? Her dress looks really old and tattered. Doesn't she know the forest is dangerous?

Phil: Trust me, I'm a scientist! We'll get a prediction as to how to stop Edgar from hurting your children. We have a special child ourselves, who will help us find the book that is the key to the mystery.

In case you think you've seen the lady in the blue dress before (Not Nerniya!!! The OTHER one!!!) that's because it's Heather from TigerAnne's ISBI. So she's related to Liradora. It's her aunt. But she's reincarnated, so she's not related to her.

Yeah, you can totally get reincarnated into the past, in A STROY!

It's important to feed your chickens every day. If you wonder why they all wear pants, it's because they are better from runing from monsters, and they're at home where nobody sees them.

Riana: The Vengeful Ghosts we've seen here aren't the souls of deceased people at all. They're elemental spirits someone has summoned.

Aami: So none of them is Immogen?

Elvira: Of course not! Imogen is a beautiful ghost! I hear that you went to a very experimental private school in your country, and that they teach the kids all about the censored topics as the most important classes, and that reading and writing and maths and geography and history are elective. Tell me what they have taught you,, so I can know how to NOT have The Talk with my children.

T'ana: Andrina, you are allowed to go to bed now. I'm still mad that they had The Talk with my children when I wasn't there! They are very traumatized!

Iris: It was really terrible! We had to watch lots of XXXXXX-rated paintings and stuff. And the Head Master is the only model for all art classes. I haven't tried out any of the stuff on our curriculum, because it would be inappropriate for every time I become 13 again. But I get good grades because when I carve statues of the Headmaster, I make him a lot more muscular than he really is.

Aami had a goog night's sleep with no nightmares. :)

Aamo: This has to stop. I know we're foreginers, but we have to be a decent household with appropriate behaviour.

This is what Andrina has above her bed. :) The big painting is a poem by Shakespeare with a pair of red flowers that represent love. They were very romantic in that time. And they loved nature and flowers and idealized life in the countryside, even if they didn't know how muddy and cold and poor it really was.

Nerniuya wasn't feeling too hot, so she tried the potion she got from one of the good tree-people. It was like magic. Everything felt like it was right in the world. She hoped it wasn't an illegal drug!

This is Isobel Crane. She's the older sister of Virginia.

T'anamika: Who IS this? Why do you keep calling us? How do you even have a phone? It's not invented yet, we only have one because my ancestor is a scientist.

Voice: *raaassssp* You will see the real truth... face to face. There have been... *raaaaasp* ...lies and deceit. Only one... has the right... *raaaaasp* to carry that name. It is spoken... in untruthful passion.

T'anamika: Edgar? IS THIS YOU??? Is this about Imogen and the Crane girls? YOU WILL NOT HURT THEM, AND WE'RE NOT SCARED OF YOU ANYMORE!

Voice: So much... hate. *rasssp* Vengance... can be done... without.

T'anakima: Are you... a ghost?

Voice: ...

T'anamika: Imogen??!


Chazza: So like... Does this work, or something? I mean, it was kind of weird that the time machine actually flew and stuff. But seeing the past is one thing, seeing the future is another. Maybe you can see the it up to the point where someone who's visiting you has lived?

Isobel: Don't talk so much. We're communicating with a very delicate force that can easily be derailed.

Thankfully they didn't see the thestrals multiplying right outside.

Iris: So... are we running away from home again. Because I've done that soooo many times, and every time I have to go home it's the same crap all over!!!

Aami: I have to get away from those people and the things they've done for a while!

Iris: The abandoned park? But you know we're not supposed to go in there becauce it's locked up because all the dangers! How did you open the gate.

Aami: It wasn't licked. I think it's legal to go in here. There are no signs or dogs or spikes.

There's a safe area of the park, inside a fence. But Aami didn't want to go there, because then she would have to explain why she was wearing men's clothes.

Iris: It's so nice to meet a time-traveller. I didn't know we were so many!

Mysterious Bolnde: Oh, I'm older than I look. There's someone I'm searching for.

Iris: I'm like 70, but I look 16. And I have memory loss, so I have a young and open mind.

Aami: Listen, I know you're Edgar's daughter. I'm your mother's great-granddaughter. If you're here, then so is probably your father.

Limpina: Yeah, we're just stopping over to fill fuel.

Aami: You don't seem evil. Don't let him hurt the Crane-girls.

Linimpa: Who?

Amii: Yeah, I guess he doesn't tell you everything.

Aami: Ugly... I mean, Peter? What are you doing here? Haven't you done enough unethical science that's illegal in your country soon?

Peter: If you had 11 childrein, you woud run away, too.

Aami felt like throwing up, because she knew what Peter and Salamandra had done. 11 times.

Aami: Another hidden gravestone, like the one I found 3 years ago. But that one was false. What does this one say.

Text: Here lies the rotting carcass of Dirty Durgan. No matter how deep we've dug his grave, all things filthy and corrupt continue to be drawn to him like flies. Including flies. His pestilence is boundless.

Aami: Then why has someone planted flowers on his grave, and lit candles?

Iris was having a rough patch.

Iris: There's no point in growing up and learning all this stuff, if I'm just going to forget it and get stupid again!!!

Nerniya: When you grow up, you will see things very differently, and feel otherwize about things. Okay, I have lots of the three dots and the frame with no picture. Has anyone had Antenna Man in a while?

Aami: No for real? You know Harry Potter?

Phil started trying to invent the car, so he could get his degree and become a Mad Scientist.

Buck is sooo cute! I'm so happy TigerAnne didn't kill him. She says he kind of reminds her of one of her own story characters, a guy called Greg who she wrote a lot of torture for. But only kind of?

Phil: I wanna be a maaaad scientiiiiist! I have Aspiration Faiiiiiiiiilure!!!

T'ana is Happy Forever After! I'm soooo happy for her! :D <3 <3 <3

Look! Sobbing Woman, who is Wolfman Junior's wife infact, doesn't have mange anymore! :D TigerAnne said we should include this picture so Sammy could see it. She's their owner. :)

Nerniya: Like, I know people in this time visit each other all the time, but who invited Goopy?

Goopy: I know you want to be a politician and invent feminism, but politicians do nothing but talk talk talk. If you start working with me on the construction area, you'll be doing a man's job and that's very feminist. Then you can use your theory in practice.

I promise Duckman Junior is only feeding the chickens because he's a really nice guy!

Andina had so many nightmares, she had to sleep in her Mom's bed.

Adana: The cards haven't spoken in a long time. :(

Wolflady Junior: Maybe something is blocking them.

Phil: Hooray, I can feel the forces speak to me through the chess board!

Nerniya had to pretend she was a boy at work, like that lady from Ripper Street, who also was a man. I mean a woman who lived like a man, because being a woman was so difficult and she wanted better job.

Yay, Phil is as logical as possible. His IQ is like 300 by now. (I don't think it can go any higher, and I don't want this story to be illogical.)

Aylatani: Phil there's something unnatural in the house!

Phil: This is untolerable! Doomhorses are not supposed to be inside! This has gone too far!

Iris: I don't want to do homework, I'll just forget it in 3 years!

I forget mine in 3 hours. :(

Andrina was almost 13, and she wasn't scared to be outside in daylight anymore.

This is her all grown up, and she look so wize beyond her years don't you think? <3

Laurelin had a visit from her BF. He wants more babies.

Over at the Trevannion's house, Charlie Tang had fallen through a time gate. He was really angry that he had to miss that night's episode of Game of Thrones, but at least he had a chance to invent meninism before someone invented feminism. The bottom of his hats is a fedora, but he wasn't sure if that was what MRAs wore before fenimism, or if they wore tophats or boaters, so he wore all three to show his political stance.

Ethel laughed, because he looked so dumber than usual.

Lillian was studying history, and found lots of injustices. Real ones, like withc burning and serfdom. Not men whoo either held doors open for women who carried a lot of groceries, or didn't open the door for them, or did or didn't offer to carry the groceries while she openedd the door. Feminism is difficult these days, but back then is was plane and simple to understand.

Adia hated Mrs Sweiller's Grandma, who she only knew as Mrs. Swiller of course.

Ethel made sure to spend a lot of time with her children, even if she was a strong and independent woman with a career in time travelling, because sometimes she had to travel a million years away from them.

Ethel: Don't worry, darling. Mrs. Hawkesworth('s great grandmother) is going to love your essay.

Lillian: Why is Adia allowed to stay up and learn the predictions, and not me?

Ethel: Because she has a special talent and you can use longer in the bathroom if you go now.

Ethel has three children with Oscar. That's Lillian, Adia and Little James. Georgianna is Oscar's sister who lives with them since she's a female scientist who's not married in a time when women can't wote. They also live with Billy who you see in the puctire, and his sister Sharna. They have transfered from the Edgarworld by being sucked into a soda vending macine (on purpose), and they have knowsledge about his weaknesses since he's not powerful in their world, which he fell into through a vending machine (it happens to 5 people every year).

Georgianna: I hope we can buy a sentry bot in the future so Charlie Tang (the guy with all the hats) stops kikcing our rubbish bin (she's English so she doesn't say trash-can).

Michelline: Why isn't there any cars here???

Adia was talking to her friend Emilia Crane, who was the innocent little sister to Virginia (who is even more innocent and pure) and Isobel (who's normal and not evil).

Adia: You have to be careful if you see a very big baby going around. His name is Diaper Man, and Mom and Dad and Aunt George met him when they were travelling to 2016. He's made from sticky, gooey childishness and self-absorbation, so he absorbs everything he touches with too much of his skin into himself. Then he gains some of the traits of the thing he's absorbed.

Emilia: LOL he sounds so silly! Maybe we can trick him into sitting on an eraser, and he'll go away?

Adia: Or he'll get more rubbery and with a firm surface. We should try it.

It's important to encourage scientific exploration in kids.

Emilia: Virginia cried all night because she had a nightmare anout the Bone Face Women. I would have been so scared of I had seen her, even in a dream! Virginia is so brave!

Adia: Or Edgar! I would have lost my sanity if he's as ugly as they say!

Dumbledore: Oscar I'm so happy you agree to be our new Ariglacy teacher! It's so an importand subject class, and you have a smart head not to try any of the formulas in spells upon yourself or any of the students. Ariglaxy is the knowledge of the possible and potential, and must never be used for any real life purpose. You do know the desk in that classroom is actually the previous teacher, and the sponge used to be a student called Dylan Sparks, so don't throw away that sponge it never wears out anyway.

Dumbledore: And if you have any spare time on your shcedule, we have an elective class in runes but maybe Remus Loopin or Serious Snake is going to teach that one. The one who doesn't do DADA.

Adia: I want to go to Hogwarts!

I wonder if Dumbledore only visited to offer Oscar the job, or if he had other motives. :U

Oh and that's the guy who kissed Elirva. He's her husbad I can't remember his name. It's something normal I think. Hang on SimPE is open anyway.

FERGUS Crane: It's good to know you're on our side, Dumbledore. We need help against the vengeful ghosts, especially now that people are insisting throughout all the centuries that they're not real.

Does Dumbledore have purple hair, or is it my monitor? รต.O

Oh look, here's Chastity, who her parents probably sent to spread preventative information in earlier ages not to believe in the ghosts. I wonder what Salamandra's motifs for that is in THIS world. You never can know with Salamandra.

Chastity looks a lot like Dingo, I think she may have been born in two worlds.

See? This is Dingo, she only looks a bit more yellow to me.

It's cool to have parents who are Steampunk timetravellers. :) They bring home lots of cool junk.

And sometimes weird friends. It's Sammy's Kevin, he's a serial murderer in his real life.

Oscar: We told you Mrs. Hawkesworth('s great-grandmother) would love your essay.

That's not their well in the backgroin, it's the Starblooms'. It looks really detailed from far off. PS, they had to chop down all the forest, because there were so many scary creatures in it, but they forgot at least one Doomhorse and a treeperson. They removed the fake grave for Imogen. Now they will plant a lovely park of a garden in spring.

Kevin's brother Apollo (Yeah I know he's his uncle or something, but TigerAnne made them siblings with each other and Aphrodite) is friends with Ryan, because they're both kind of oddballs. Apollo doesn't like most people because he's a mizzenthorpe, and Ryan is... you know. Sharne has a crush on Ryan, necause in her homeworld he's a leading schientist and kind of a hero.

Ryan: Yes you're pretty and all, but I'm faithfully married.

Shanra: I'm not asking you on a date, I only asked if you wanted to go out for a coffee and talk about science.

Ryan: I'm not a scientist, I'm a reporter.

Wow, he's acting sane? Maybe this is future Ryan, who Ginger Elfman talked about, when he will maybe possibly be sane again. I mean, from OUR future. If we're their past, they can visit us, because we exist at this point in time. But in this story, if someone travels to their own future without someone from that future onboard, they disappear because the future isn't real to them so they go into nothingness. That's why Laurelin travels with the Trevannions, so they can see her world.

Sharna: If you're a razzi I probably shouldn't rell you this, but I'm from another world. I mean, you're travelling in time so you must believe in other dimentions. In my world you're like Stephen Dawking and Alf Gore in one. I'm honored to have met you, even if you're alternative!

Ryan: Really? Have I got any traumatic explosonions in my past in that world?

Sharna: I don't know because I've never seen you shirtless on TV, but I don't think so. It would be a really tragic story to be proud of if you had I guess. But you're really sane and intelligent. You seem like the same here actually.

Ryan: Wow, that's like the greatest thing anyone's said to me in a while!

Sharna: So like, is it okay if I pull your shirt up a bit, or unbotton. I only wanna look, not gonna touch you if that's too personal.

Ryan: No, stop it! I know you think I'm hot and I'm flattered, but that would be flirting with someone who's not my wife!



...I'm kinda starting to respect Ryan again???

She settled for being friends with him for now, and they tossed a ball back and forth. I just know she's gonna try it again, if she encounters present Ryan, who's short of a picnick. But then again, why didn't future Ryan recognize her? Maybe he is present Ryan, and is becoming sane again? Can I even hope? :'(

Don't be so critical of Little James!

He's only 11 for pittie's sake!

Yeah he's hot. We get it. x(

LOL it looks like a Gentleman's Club talking about industrialization! If Apollo and Ryan had been dressed like gentlemen, anyway. I've watched Middlemarch. (It's very sad.) The person who wrote it was a woman who pretended to be a man so she wouldn't get a stigma at the publisher.

Poor little James. Oscar says he goes to a snooty private school for extremely smart children, but he's flunking all his classes.

Gerogie: You must never believe anyone who tells you vengeful ghosts do not exist. That's wistful thinking.

Ethel: I prefer using a crystal ball. It's much easier to get results with that. But the cards are more presize, when they work.

Billy: I've heard a weird theory, that all of this used to just be a film!

Ryan: It would be great if it was!

Nobody likes hearing Billy play, because he only sees the piano with one eye in this world too. Do you want to know how he lost his eye? In the Wasteland, kids play a lot with homemade roxkets and stuff. He was making one with a firework for an engine, and it came boomeranging back and hit him in the face. But he tells people in this time and age that it was a toy cannon he got for his 12th birthday, that a bullet got stuck in one day, and he tried to see what was blocking it. And it unstuck. There were plenty of dangerous toys in those days. But he's trying to overcome his handicap. Disability. Difference in ability.


Aamilei's punk phase was over, and now she was 15 years old. Doesn't she look good in her regency dress?

Phil maxed out his mechanical knowledge, and now nothing was stopping him from unleashing his mad genius onto the world! :D

But being a student is very hard. I don't understand why TigerAnne so desperately wants to be one again. She showed me a picture of the graduating class from the study she wants to apply to, and like half of them looked like they were around 40. Like, isn't there enough school at some point??? But maybe they are like Phil and have the Knowledge Aspiration, and need something to occupy their minds so they don't become serial axe-murderers like he was before he changed the past. I wonder whose head he's got in that jar, because his maths teacher should be alive again now.

Iris was almost 18, so she could debut in society with nice clothes.

Riana went back to being a bit gothic with black hair, so she could wear twin dress with Adana.

Ethan: Andri is almost old enough that we can start the expedition to find the book. :)

Aylatani: I can't WAIT to pwn Edgar and have my own face back!

Do you like their new chandelieres? The old ones hung too low for TA's tastes.

Laurelin: Hi Bully, yeah I remember you. You're the guy with one eye? Sorry if that's insensitive but y'oure so normal apart from it, there's nothing much else to rember. Oh and you're a dimentional immigrant, sorry.

Laurelin: Yeah, I've travelled both in space and time, but not in dimentions yet. Maybe I should try, so I could find an alternative reality where Aylatani exists as a separate person, so I can have a life too without becoming her unless I don't do any of the things I WANT to do. No, I can't do ANY of them, because it's the kind of things Aylatani would do, since I'm her, and then I we merge together and... something. I get ugly. And Edgar rules the world. Plus I'm not in love with Phil.

T'ana: It wasn't the creepy wheezy voice again?

Laurelin: No, it was Billy. He's really nice. His sister has the hots for your Dad though.

T'ana: Eww.

Phil can make any food that exists. He can make spinach pie. (Yuck?)

And he can make salmon croquettes.

Phil: Stop admiring the lamps. I'll work the engine, and you work the chassis!

Phil: I can't believe we're inventing the automobile!

Buck: But we're not! We're stealing someone else's idea. :(

Phil: But when we make this reality, we won't have stolen it. It will be our invention.

Draco Malfoy came home from school with Iris. :D There was still chemistry. He used his cabinet to travel.

Lillian: I know what your Dad did in the war! He's in prison, digging roads like this: *digging motion*

Draco: My Dad is the Headmaster of Hogwarts! What are you talking about.

Lillian: Whaaat? LOL! DUMBLEDORE is Headmaster of Hogwarts!

Draco: Yes? He's my Dad.

He's still got memory loss about the war.

Iris: Don't listen to Lillian. She hears so many weird rumours. I lived with you guys for two years, I know who your parents and all your siblings are.

Lillian: So it's true he's got siblings who are locked away in asylums, or secret rooms?

Iris: No. His siblings are Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny. They all live with Albus and Minerva.

Lillian: Iris, you were reset when you lived there, and too young to pick up on the nuances. His father is a high ranking war criminal who is doing life in prison. Dumbledore and McGonagal are his adoptive parents. They adopted Harry and Hermione too, because Harry is orphan and Hermione's parents live in Australia and don't recall ever having her. Ginny and Ron just hang out.

Riana: It's true, Iris. He really is in jail. But you mustn't judge Draco for something his father did, which he doesn't evern remember.

Riana: William! I'm so happy to see you! Please, stay for ever, this time.

William. I will! :D

LOL Phil would become an axe murderer again if he had to live with 35 more people!

OUCH! The attick has a little vermin problem, and that's where they have to live because Riana shares a room with too many others. TigerAnne? How do I teleport the exterminator up there?

You don't. You delete all the roaches with moveObjects.

It's gonna take forever. D: D: D:


William: I don't care that it's old fashioned, as long as I am with you again, my love! And you are gothic again!

Riana: I don't know if it's forever, but I missed being dark and mysterious.

They look so happy. *sniff*


Shut it, Phil! You won't even notice he's there!

Phil: Cooking for 14 people feels like I'm a chef again. You all KNOW what happened last time! >:C

I think they miss Ryan or something?

T'anamika borrowed the bed to relive her memories of when she and Buck made Andrina.

SHE'S MINISTER OF EDUCATION!!! PLEASE CAN SHE FIRE SALAMANDRA??! Nah, she wouldn't do that. She's her best friend for some reason I don't get. :(

YASS! On the same day!!! :D


Iris: Hi, Isobel! Have you come to take Virginia home.

Isobel: No, I came to talk to you.


Isobel: You must know what it's like to be compared to someone who's dead, who everyone loved, because you look like them. And then be told all the time you're nothing like them at all!

Iris: Yes, but only by my Mom. Everyone else hated my Dad, I don't know why. Mom says he was amazing and unique beyond descriptions.

Isobel: It's my Mom who does it too. And my grandparents. And my other aunts and uncles. "You look JUST like Imogen, but she was good at BLAH BLAH BLAAAH! And you're not." And they're all "Virginia is SOOOO much like our poor, sweet lost baby. She's amazing and kind and good and brave and brilliant and AAARRRGH!"

Iris: But they care about you, too. They asked us to look after both of you.

Iris: Don't fight with your family, it only leads to tears. :( Mom had to move out of our first home because of that, and we lived in tents for weeks and in a horroble shell of a house for several years. And two of my sisters still don't talk to her, and she's so sad about it.

Isobel: I know they love me, but I feel like I'm never good enough. They love Virginia because of everything she is, and me despite of not being like that.

Virginia was staring dreamily out of the window, dreaming of a world where evil forces weren't trying to kill her horribly.

Virginia: When they invent space travel, I want to live on Saturn. It would be peaceful there.

Aamilee: Oh yea, me too! But I want to see my parents' homeland first.

Virginia: I think they want me to come with you, because I would be safer among so many brave fighters.

Aanilei: That would be awesome!

Wolfman Junior: *grrrr* Phil's been cooking. *grrrr*

He was growling because looking at Phil's delicious chicken salad made him very hungry.

This is Aphrodite. She's learning prophecies. This was all for now. :( But I will tell more of the story as soon as TigerAnne has played them a bit more. :)


I will try to get back to the Starblooms as soon as possible, unless things get too hectic. Hopefully, you've enjoyed these two installments. Is it just me, or was this one a lot longer? Anyway, the Starbrooms will continue their Victorian existance for a few more updates. It's time to find that dratted book, and fix Aamilei up with the guy the prophecies have pointed out for her. She's just a bit young for him yet. You can probably guess by now who it is, but I won't confirm or deny anything.
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