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Good mercy... Anyway, the Starblooms are still in Victorian England, looking for the mysterious book that holds all of Edgar's dastardly deeds and dark secrets. Last time, their lot was haunted by a lot of monsters that made life ghastly. They turned out to be summoned by the gravestone of Imogen the Ingenue, which turned out to not be her actual grave. Someone is clearly trying to scare the Starblooms away. They've also been getting creepy phone calls, despite having the only phone in existance.

Aamilei and Andrina both grew up to teenagers. Their Victorian innocense was shattered, when Nernia insisted they should be given The Talk. Aami took her aggro out on the monsters in the garden. Elvira Crane, sister of the late Imogen, asked Aylatani to look after her daughter, Virginia, who's being targeted by evil forces. Phil and Aylatani both got their Perma-Plat, and Phil started inventing the car with help from Buck. William moved in, which made Riana very happy.

This chapter features a whole slew of Sims belonging to [livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange.

Narrator? Are you ready?

HiiiiiiIIIIIii! Yeass, I'm ready! Look, this is Adana being womanly in the 19th century. :( She would prefer to play a video game.

Orca was very difficult to live with, because he had challenged the leader of his previous pack, and won a duel. He was angry because Aylatani insisted he should present himself as "Mister Bertram Magpie" in polite company, but that's mis-speciesizing him, and erases his identity as an orca. :(

Nerniya: I'm getting a prophecy!

Irish: Mee to! I can see an old house!

Nerniya: Cool, we're on the same channel!

Iris: There are many old books!

BTW, Ginger Elfman is called "Stuart." He's totally marrying someone in the next generations. But not Aamiley because she has a destined love to meet. And not her daughter, because she's also destined to marry someone. (The rules say so.)

Riana was having happy gothic dreams. She had to sleep in a single bed sometimes, because when William was under the same blanket, she often forgot to sleep, hee hee hee!

Adana was still a blonde surfer-girl, and she really missed her home in 2216, where they used to live by the sea. In the mean time, she was teaching the two traumatized boys she and her sister dated to be socialized.

Everyone pranked on Ethan. :(

Adana: Baby, don't cry! William didn't mean it that bad, I promise. It makes me so sad when you're crying, and at the same time I never love you more than when you do, because then you need me the most. :(

T'anamika was really happy that she could keep her loved one nearby, and not have to lock him in the attick and visit him behind their children's backs. That had been such hard years. Now she loved every moment with him. Buck just thought he'd been very sick, so he wasn't angry, but she felt very guilty.

T'ana: Phil never has time to work on inventing this stupid car, and Bock is too honest, so I have to do this myself.

T'ana: No, baby. We're not stealing anyone's invention. We're just making an alternative reality where we are the ones who invent it!

Buck: But ripping up reality like that is bad! That's why Edgar is here in the first place.

T'ana: Edgar has no morals, and will "invent" the wheel if we don't stop him. We need this car to search for the book. The library doesn't have it, because we've read the whole thing!

Buck: Aylatani wants the car pink. Is that okay, Baby?

T'ana: Cool! Make it a gothic pink!

Aylatani was happy that it matched her sweater, because she's very fashion conscious.

T'ana: We'll take it for a spin, whee! :D

Buck: There's Duckman Jr. Maybe he wants a ride?

T'ana: Oh crap, we forgot to install a back seat. He'll have to sit in the trunk. :(

They went to the House of Silent Despair, becayse know they now that it exists outside of time and space.

Maikana: Be greeted strangers from afar! I'm recruiting members for the Temple of the Secret Enigma.

T'ana: O you must be Maikana! I've heard of you.

Maikana: You must be the time-travelling T'anamika! I really admire your courage and explority! There was so much of that in the late Volturian age! While you've been gone, we have started a secret cult that we're trying to raise awareness about, and Liranda has adopted a chosen one!

T'ana: Cool! I've given birth to one!

Maikana: You can never have enough chosen ones for a guild mission!

T'ana: Mom! I haven't seen you in minus 160 years! How is Dad and everuone?

Cindie: He's very crazy and has joined a sect.

T'ana: Cool. I had too lock my husband in the attick.

Cindoe: We finally understand each other, daughter.

Sidewalk-Guy and Duckman Jr are also in a secret club, and they have secret hand signals.

Maikana: Om nomz, Elvin's not here to be a snob.


She was really hungry, because missionairing is hard work.

Itt's Tessa! She's an important character in the alternative existance they don't know they have. They should be friends, because she's very sad and gothic, because her brothers are dead. (They were Legolas and Nathan.) William and Nathaniel are still alive.

Tim the Sidewalk Man was also sad, because his beloved had become old. (Her name is Edna, that really sounds old.) T'ana sugguestede that he could date Tessie instead, because she's single.

Maikana: I can't wait until you can come and visit our sected headquarters and get to know your extended family. Your Dad is a member and your grandmother has moved to the sea to find out why he went crazy.

T'ana: I would like to know so he doesn't pass it on to my children. They are traumatixed from we gave them The Talk.

Maikana: Simon and me do the sex-ed and all our children are very informed!

Wolfman Junior morphed in a ball of golden light.

T'ana: Please tell us if anyone from home does anything craxy. We are coming home as soon as we have the poxy book.

Maikana: When I was a kid, I had to wear a lot of tubes with really long needles! Like in the arm, it huuuuurt! That is why I handle cult recruitation. I've overcome suffering and is an inspirational talker.

Maikana: I can see that you have suffered a lot. You can talk to me about it.

Eyebrowman Gilbert: My girlfriend cheated on me with her boyfriend. But he broke up with her because she laughed at some guy who died.

Maikana: That sounds like you have been dating Brianna. You poor soul.

Tessa: Maybe the astroid that killed the dinosaurs were actually an atomic bomb someone dropped to kill Edgar?

Maikana: Oh no, I hope it wasn't Dad who killed the dinosaurs! D:

Does Mikania do this in every chapter, or am I seeing thing? 0.o

T'ana: Mom you're adapting to the family. :)

Cindie: I'm not even looking.

T'ana: Oh wow, listen to this: The Skull-faced Woman has been sighted by two kids picking mushrooms!

Cindi: She doesn't exist, and you mustn't listen to kids who have beein picking mushrooms.

Wolfman Senior was very angry because his wife was testing a new type of flea collar on him, since she's a professor in science.

T'ana: See you later, Duckman Jr.

Wolfgang Jr: You need a back seat. :C

Aamilei is sooo pretty! Plz comment and tell me that you think Aami is pretty?

The girls were important role models, because they were girls who studied instead of becoming desperate housewives. But Iris had been a bad model lately, because she was too depressed to do her homework. :( Feminism needed good examples because bach then they didn't have Tumblr to empower themself.

Suddenly Chazza was mad.

Chaz: You're all fakers, and you're so not a chosen one!!! You can't even do a prediction, and you'll never find that stopid book!

Nerniya: This is the bext opoportunity to show her how you are an empowered women!

Andrina found her inner warrior and she smacked Chaz like anger management. There were little sparkles from her fuses going off.

Then Chaz tried to pluck Andri's eyes out to prove that they were contacts with fake colour.

Andrina: Owww!

Nerniya: You should go home now, Chaz.

Nurnyia: Don't believe a word she said. You will learn to predict the prophecies and find that blooody book!

Buxk: Edward said that we have to become friends with Edgar to fight Dipper Man, but what if he was just full of buulshit? He loves Bella, who was the one who made that overgrown piece of chewing gum, and he doesn't want that for a step-baby! So maybe we should be friend with Diaper Man and give him a proper name and make him absorb Edgar?

Adana: Yeah that wold make him feel appreciated.

Adana: But he will become part Edgar if he does that.

Buck: But Edgar will be all dissolved and diluted, so he will only be Edgar Light. :D That's gotta be better for the environment.

Buck: Oh T'ana! I'm so happy that I don't have the scruff-plague anymore, so I can be out in the air with you!

T'ana felt really guilty that she had sent Buck off, and thought that she could have lived happier without him. Because now he had terrible memories about things that never really happened to him, that he shouldn't have had. :( But he couldn't know that she had almost stopped loving him either.

T'ana: I'm so glad I can be with you again, too. Soon we can go home. I thought living in the past would be so glamorous and that we'd go to lots of parties in big houses and see the Queen and stuff, but it's soooo boring here. I miss home!

T'ana: When we get home, people are a lot more tolerant and we can get kincky if we please.

Buck: I love it when you challenge the puritan ideals!

T'ana: I'm so tired of only doing the missiogynary position for 15 years!

Adana really missed being a sport--girl.

BTW this was Iris' corner of the bedroom.

Ethan: Are we going to have to live with Ryan when we go back?

Adana: Yes, because he's family. But don't worry, he's not going to watch you shower.

Buck: Top 'o the morning to ya.

Andrina: Go away Dad, I'm reading about where to find lots of old books.

"I have seen true horror!"¨

T'ana: Hello? Who IS this???

Voice: Raaaassspp...

T'ana: Imogen? If this is you, just say so. We'll help your sister keep the children safe.

Voice: Imogen... *raaaaasssppp* isss.... long dead. She... cannot... *raaaasp* dial a number... with her... ghostly fingers...

T'ana: Then who are you?

Voice: I... was the real... one.

T'ana: The real what and who?

Voice: The bearer... of the... name.

T'ana: What do you want?

Voice: I want... RAAAAASSSSPPPP! my... name... my reflection...

T'ana: Okay, this is creepy! BYE!

Andrina: Where are we going, we have no diver's license?

Aani: We're going to meet Virginia at the House of Silent Despair.

Iris: She's so preppy... :(

Aami: We're supposed to be her friends and protect her.

Andrina: It's dark in the trunk!

Iris: It's cold inthe shotgun seat. :(

Virigina was trying to have fun and dance with Alice and the girl who people mistook for Ginny. But she looked sad, because she felt despair.

Andrina started playing a chess, because it's supposed to help with your brain function and she really needed to think where she could look for an old book. (LOL it rhymed!) The shadowy lovers on the lake looked at her with charaDE.

It was Harry Potter and the professor's daghuter Paris.

Andrina: I feel like we have so much in common! We're spexial chosen ones with weird eyecolours and blonde people hate us. (Not Draco, your cousin Slim.)

Harry: Yea but I have a girlfriend.

Virignia: I wish I was a happy and carefree soul like Aubrey. Then I would dance like her and not care how silly I looked. But alas, my heart is weary and my mind is dark.

Iris: Me too. This is a horrible time to be a goth and I have to wear a PINK DRESS everywhere I go!

Iris: LOL she dances like a chicken!

Virginia: You mustn't make fun of her, she's a ginger, they're threatened by extiction!

Virginia: So my Mom and yours want me to move in with you when you go to your country. They think it will be safer there, and they only have to worry about Isobel who's really ordinary!

Iris: I don't know how that's gonna work out. We live with this guy who runs around naked and watches people pee, and keeps perving on my sister. PS: It's T'ana's Dad! We adopted two girls before we moved here, and one of them identifies as a wolf. Another girl who used to live with us, who I thought for years was my little sister, got taken back because her parents found out they were related to her. Phil used to be a serial murderer. And we have to look after a kid called Jonathan so he doesn't grow up deranged.

Viriginia: But I live in a family that had lots of horror. Imogen died horribly and the mad scientists tried to steal her body for necromancy. The Skull Face Woman tries to get her claws on me and Isobel, because together we're Imogen remade. We're used to a life full of fear, and I need to fulfill the destiny Imogen didn't.

Iris wished she had been born in an ugly and happy family, because then none of this sadness would have happened. But she was a natural born goth, who should never wear a pink dress!

Apollo Duckman was very angry because he had telemarketers calling him all day.

Harry took his fashion tips, because he had been in the closet.

Iris: It's wrong with pink hearts in a gothic dance club.

Vigrinia: They should have been broken and blue. :(

Virginia started laughing, because Harry danced so badly that people thought he was having a fit, and put him in stable recovery position.

Iris: You have a dark heart for being so young. I like you.

Look how innocent and beautiful Virginia is! She's too pure for this world. :( Plz comment if you think she's pretty! Read this story and rate it with a *heart* if you want her to be happy! <3 If you don't rate you want her to SUFFER YOU AWFUL PEOPLE!!!

Virginia: We could share a room and be sisters!

Iris: I used to have a lot of sisters, but some of them are evil. Especially Rennesmee. :C

They laughed some more at Harrys expense and made them happy.

Iris couldn't drink yet, because she wasn't 18 again.

Aami: I wonder if my husband is here. It would be nice to know who I'm engaged to.

Iris: I wish there was a special someone for me, but he could only date me like every 5-6 years, or he's a perv. :(

Aami: I can't believe you wanna do that when you fall in love. It's really gross and wrong. I'm going to adopt babies!

Iris: Wow, that is my sister Liranda! We need to talk!

Liranda: Hiiiiiiii! Wanna join our secret cult?!

Elvira Crane: Virginia can't stay out after 7mp, it's dangeruso.

Wolfman Senior Junior Senior: GRRRR IT ITCHES!

Smoni: Hi, I'm Simon, and I recruit loyal followers for the Hidden Temple of Enigma.

Iris: Remember me, I'm Maikana's sister?

Ewwww she KISSED him! That's soooo wrong, Simon is like at least 27 years old and she's 17! STOP LOOKING AT HIM LIKE THAT HE'S MARRIED TO YOUR SISTER! THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T JOIN A DANGEROUS CULT!

The tents are very nice. Dumbledore put lots of wizard spaces in them, so they have super comfy beds with lots of fuzzy blankets and pillows that sing you to sleep. They're self cleaning so you don't have to worry that someone gross slept in them before you. (Or did something gross in them, but Andrina still thinks only perverted weirdos do that.

Liranda: Want to join our righteous sect?

Abbie: No, b ecause my husband would perv over Maikana! Bye!

Liranda suggested that Elvira should join the cult, because they could help her move to a different planet to get away from the dangers that threatened. But she was bullcrapping. :U

Elvira: You are ann infamous sext member, and why should I believe you? You are so mean to your mother, who has been nothing but kind and gracious to my family and myself.

Liranda: She's not my mother, she killed my mother, don't believe a word she SAYS!

Elvira: She told me you would say that.

Liranda: That's what psycho's alwayts say!

Such a cold night. :(

Isir: We've had to fight a lot of vengeful ghosts!

Liranda: That is really awesome! Now you have practice, because next we're going to fight Edgar in the Jurassic park! (Four-shadowing!)

Liranda: This is Logan, who's secretly Flowey from Undertale, which means that he's also Asriel the god of hyperdeath (whatever that means, I don't play Undertale), but he's actually named Logan and is a very confused boy my daughter gave birth to.

Logan: Hi, I'm Flowey.

Iris: Hi, I'm Irish.

Logan: Cool, we're both flower-kin! My headmates are Steven Universe and the planet Pluto. You can follow our Tumblr if you don't listen to Taylor Swift, and if you're not Republican or kin with Jasper and Ringo (they're mean to Steven), and you respect my self diagnosis (scoliosis, chlamydia, ADHD, hives, STFU, carbs and hydrophobia) and don't have any bigotry against me being a sociopath and the god of hyperdeath. I can bend all the elements.

Iris: We don't have any computer in the Victorian house. :)

Liranda: You should go home now, because Steven and Pluto are up past their bedtime.

Logan: You are not their real mother.

Logan: My girlfriend is talking about marriage, but I can't find anyone to transfer Steven to when we are going to have marital pleasures. He's too young to be sexualized, because he's a r0lemodel for children. !

Liranda: Go home Logan, we're having a family breakfast with the descendents.

Logan: Mom and Dad's new place is scray, and Steven gets nightmares about Ruby's eyeball. :(

Iris: When was the Jurassic age, where we're going to fight Edgar?

Liranda: It was between the Midevil ages and ended around 1960 when Eisenhoover got the nukes. You will have to study a lot of history for this mission. Don't talk while I play Beethoven and stop being an annoying little sister.

Iris: But I've missed you so much?

Andrina is sooooo pretty! Even TogerAnne says so, and she doesn't think Ta'na is beautiful! :( I kind of wish Andrina was the Hair, but she's the Choosen One, so she has her own job to do.

Aami's face got long. :( Maybe she will look shorter with another hair, when she can go home.

Andrina was practicing perishing from ennui, which was a very fashionable passtime among the decadent and world-weary citizens of the early modern world.

I'm tired of the 18th centurpede.

Diaper Man: It's really cold inn a winter night in just my undies, but I accidentally absorb my clothes.

Aami: I have an idea! You can be Heir and have to merry a rando stranger, instead of me!

Andrina: I'm the only one who can find the book and bring us back to our mythical homeland, so I can't be romantic rite now.

Aami: I would do anything to get away from all the ghosts and spookabillys that live here, but I can't do... that.

Maikana: I wanted fried eggs, not scrambled!

Weedy: EEEEWQWWWW you're that lady with bad table manners. I can't look at you when I eat!

Maikana: And it would be nicer with bacon instead of what this red and white stuff is. And tomato instead of lime.

Weedy: You ate a piece of soap you found in a trash can, and you should be ashamed of yourself!


wEEDY; This is disgusting.

Stuart: This is a reflection on the sad realities of existance.

Maikana: That guy always talks vague, we should hire him as an oracle.

Stuart: Listen up, kid. I have a gift for this sort of stuff, so just trust me. You're going to have to go back and face what you really are.

Aami: What do you mean?

Stuart: I know your family, and you need to be prepared that all your illusions will shatter?

Aami: You mean they're like plebians or something?

Stuart: You will must learn to accept nature as it is created, in your grandfather's house.

Aami: He's an evillusionist? D:

Stuart: He's the missing link.

Poor Ryan, they're always so mean to him!

Andrina: I'm the chosen one, and I want to have many little babies.

Stuart: Maybe when you come off age?

A few days later, Laurelin got all mysterious one night, and told the girls to come with her. They got in the car and drove for a long time until they came to a big old house.

Laurelin: This house is known as The Cave of D'arkness. I have bought it, because it has potential.

It was a really big and tall gothic house with many windows and a forboding mansard roof.

In front of the entrance, two sinister crows or ravens held vigilance.

Aami: I can sense that this place must be another portal, like the HoSD. It's so cool that we own it!

Andrina: WOw, this is the room Nerniya and me saw in our prophecy! It has all the old books!

Aami: Draco Malfoy is here. Don't tell him what we're doing, and say you read Wuthering Heights.

Draco: Is the lovely Iris with you tonight.

Aami: No, she's not in the immediate vicinity, and we are sorry we are closed tonight.

Draco: This some sort of new goth club or something?

Andrina was mysteriously drawn to the painting on the wall. It was a picture of an old garden that existed in the ancient world.

It had a beautiful landscape with lush green trees and misty mountains in the distance. There was some sort of temple or important building, and classical statues that made the view interesting. Also there were some people in oldfashioned clothes, who looked like they were moving. I have no idea what this picture is about, but I love it!

Andrina was studying the old-time artistry and dreaming herself into a world so long gone. She felt safe and at peace, like nothing evil could reach her. Suddenly... the beautiful old picture changed.

Instead, it became a dark scene where many men in black were looking at something horrible! happening in front of them. It took like a few seconds before her eyes could see it clearly, because her sanity was trying to protect itself by refusing to process it properly.


Click here if you want to see what Andrina saw! But don't do it, because it's horrible! PS: She's not wearing a tacky party-hat. TigerAnne said I had to censor the picture, because the awful stuff going on was still visible at this distance.

(TigerAnne's note: Consider this fair warning, though. That picture is not pleasant!)

Aamilei: What's wrong???!

Andrina: The picture!

Draco: It's just a garden or a park, or something?

Andrina: It was different for a while, and then it changed back!

Aami: How ghastly!

Aami: There's a hideous face on the wall!

Draco: This place has a dark history, I can feel it.

Aami found a kitchen and everyone was hungry, so she started making food.

Laurelin had invited a few people to opening night, and Andrina had to learn how to use a phone.

It was really fun to talk to people she couldn't see. (She had never used the phone at home, because none of her friends had one to talk with them on. Now she's speaking to people in the future but she doesn't know that yet.)

Andrina: It's not so scary here woth more people! What are you making?

Thank goodness all the customers were future people, because Victorian customers would have thought she was really rude, dancing like that.

Andrina: Do you like the magic potion? It came out of a box and it bubbles like witch brew. I hope you don't become a frog!

Hayden: It's soda, you weird servant-kid.

Andrina: We need more employees, because I can't answer the phone if I have to serve food. :(

Aamo: I think we need a cook who has cooked before.

Andrina: Sorry guys we're closed now!

Hayden: But I'm still hungry!

It's so hard to run a restaurant! D:


Yass! They have found it! The prophecy has been fulfilled! :D :D :D

T'ana had to open the club the next day, because Andrina was at home intensely studying the life-cycle of Edgar.

T'ana: Welcome to the Cave of D'arkness.

This old lady was the chef they hired. She didn't have many cooking points, but she was all that was available in the phone book. :(

Ernest the Reformer had to be a waiter. It was against his politics, but he wanted to save someone else from the degrading work.

*SIGH!* And the only person they could find to be the hostess phone-lady was Rosa Lee. At least she was good at talking on the phone for hours...

The first customer was Adolf Hipster. Ernest almost quit when he saw him. :C But then he remembered his manifesto.

Ernest: I'm only here to serve the people! :D Your wish is my command!

Ernest: The chef sends her compliments and hopes this is sufficiently edible!

Adolf: *MINUS MINUS!!!*

Adolf: WTF is this supposed to be?

Ernest: It's a Smurf cupcake. :(


Ernest: That would not be polite.

Adolf started eating it, because he was hoping it would give him food poisoning so he could drag them to the courts and all over the media.

Adolf: I want to speak to my lawyer!

Rosa Lee: Just a minute, I have another customer on hold.

Nora: MINUS!!!!!!!

It's so hard to play businesses! D: D: D: I don't know how to do it and now everyone's mad at my characters! :'( I'm sorry about this chapter!

Ernest: You should be grateful you can afford to eat at our restaurant! Do you know how m any people become criminals to survive? DO YOU? So you will eat what we give you, and you will like it!

Marisa: I will complain about the customer service.

Marisa: Don't come here, they're communists!

(That's [livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange's Pip. He's used to weird people, don't worry.)

Ernest: I suppose you want food with that!? DO you know how many people would die for that glass of water???

Pip: Are the greasy fingerprints on the glass yours?

Ernest: No! I've had my prints removed, to oppose the criminal registry!

Ernest: Here's the grub, okay?!

Ernest: Voilá!

Pip: I ordered pie!

Ernest: Guess where you can kiss me!


Beau: Top o' the morning!

Marisa: Go home. This place is the pits!

Rosa Lee: Yes Emmett, I loooooove youuuuu! Hang on, I have a customer, I think.

T'anamika had to take over, because the old lady had to go home. It was such a terrible day at work. All that was missing was Donald J Trump to fire everyone. I HATE THIS DAY!

Old Cook-Lady: I'm going home, because this is exceeding the workhour regulations!

Rosa Lee: I think my boyfriend misses me a lot, I'm out.

Beau: So we're not getting our orders in?

Marisa: Trust me, you don't want it!

Old Lady: Ernest says we're going on strike and demanding a raise.

T'ana: We're closed! Everyone out!!!

Marisa: I'm gonna write the worst review ever! :D


Laurelin found Morris Atherton in the phone book. He's a 10-star chef. Let's try this again...

And Jasper had to work there for community service for having sold pot again. x(

Kevin: I think I'll have the Chef's special.

Rosa Lee: Emmett, I have to go. There's a guy trying to order something. Yes, I love you too. No, I love you more! No! I love you MOST!

Logan: Why don't you have ice cream sandwiches on the kids' menu? You're making Steven upset!

Jasper: This whole joint is haunted by all the people who died last time we made mushroom stew.

Morris: We're all that's standing between you and juvenile perp penitentiary, so take this out to the customers and pretend you're a normal person.

Jasper: Ja mein Führer!

Jasper: I hope Sir finds the meal to his taste. :D

Logan: Ask your boss to put ice cream sandwiches on the menu!

Jasper: Tadaaaa!

Logan: Yes, Steven. You have to eat vegetables today.

Jasper: Huh? Who are you talking to? Weirdo.

Laurelin was studying business management, so she could avoid calamity.

Book: Chapter One: How to hire better employees.

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin. I love being part of a club!

Logan: I'm Flowey the evil flower of Death.

Greg: I don't like the look of that guy.

Jasper: Ooooh my fingers are a little slippery!

Jasper: Oooops! It must be all the grease on the tray!

Greg: Oh no! Sharp knives and forks! D:

Jasper: OH NO! I'M SOOOOO SORRY! (Not.)


Greg: Go get me a towel, you troglodyte!

Jasper: Sure thing, mister. Y'all don't know how we make the peea soup...

Greg: This is not what I ordered, and it's burned!

Jasper: The chef used to be a cremator, so he likes to make sure it's dead.

Jasper: You know what you remind me of? Those weird toys you get as consolation prices at fairs, where there's drawn a face that's got this chain-thing that you shake, and the it makes lots of hideous profiles. :D



Laurelin: Maybe I shouldn't put palm-trees in a room with flame-throwers!

Firefighter: I'm having this place closed down!

Laureling went home in a bad mood, because it was so difficult to run a great goth-club where people could have a good time. >:( Everyone just pissed on her attempts at making the world a better place. Suddenly... SHE WAS PULLED AWAY THROUGH TIME AND SPACE!

Laurelin: Ethel? What happened? Why am I here, and why is it day? I was just at work and it was last night?

Ethel: No, it wasn't. That was over a week ago. We finally managed to summon you back through the time-wormhole that swallowed the house you were in.

Laurelin: What?

Ethel: You already knew the house was on a portal when you bought it! When Andi found the Book of Edgar, destiny became fulfilled. The book was never destroyed. It was taken to the future, and that is why it didn't exist for many years. So when the book disappeared, the place that held it lost its footing in time and space, and got sucked into an unknown dimention.

YES OKAY! I admit it! x( The lot got corrupted and I had to teleport everyone out and delete it! RIP Cave of D'arkness! IT WILL RISE AGAINNNN! In a less mucked up neighbourhood.

But now we know what happened to the book! :D

Laurelin: Okay, so I think we can go home now. Our work here is done, and this corset dress is killing me. :(

While Laurelin was explaining to everyone that their "homeland" was actually a place in time, Aylatani got online (don't ask) to buy the house back. (Yeah, so I had to move everyone out. Sue me!)

Alice was just going back home, after waving goodbye to everyone, when the time machine suddenly came back the same second as it left!

There was a bright flash of light, and T'anamike materliazed inside of it.

Ryan: Uhhh, aren't you supposed to be in the past?

T'ana: Been there, done that! I have to get a portable time-gate on e-bay, so I can use the house to fly everyone back home.

It was really weird to be in a car again, with no horses.

The house was empty. :( They forgot to put in a stay-things shrub, so all the furniture had moved out. It was oaky, though. They wanted more modern stuff now.

Aylatani: Welp, we're home. Welcome to the future, everyone!

Ethan: Bawww hawwww I don't want to to be over! I was so haaaaaappyyyyyy!

Phil: It's gonna be okay, and you'll see Adana again soon.

Ethan and William had to stay in the house with Laurelin. Nerniya and Orca stayed there too, because they wanted to raise their own little pod of baby orcas, and the main house was too crowded for that. Ben, Alice and Annabelle are moving in with them too. It will be very sad for Aylatano when her son moves away, but she still has Iris to remind her of Legolas.

Imagine not having watched TV for over a century! I would go SO crazy!

They remade the kitchen old-fashioned, because the house kind of suited that.

The Hipsters came to visit their new neighbours, who they didn't know had lived in the house all the time, since it was over 100 years ago.

Holden: Welcome to the neighbourhood! I'm Holden the Vegan!

Cindie: Baby! Welcome home?

T'ana: Who are you? Have I ever seen you before?

Time-travel causes a lot of jet-lag and confusion. :(

And Andrina met a really cute boy...


ALRIGHT! This is TigerAnne, informing you that the "Victorian Age" is over, at least for now. The Starblooms are back where they belong, and it's time for Aami to take over as the head of the house. As Narrator already mentioned, some of the household is moving over to Laurelin's spacious manor, to make room for the next generation.

I'm sorry if this generation hasn't been up to the usual standard. Not that the standard was ever very hight, but... This whole thing didn't play out the way I wanted it to. I couldn't find the kinds of lots I wanted, like a 19th century market square and a tavern, which I was sure I had seen on both MTS and GoS. Instead, I had to improvise a stupid "ghost story," and at the same time I thought it would be a good idea to introduce some new characters. Ugh. Let's expect nothing from the next generation, and we won't be dissapointed!
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