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At some point, some of my Sims will be visiting this lot, which is still under construction.

It appears to be some sort of storage room, possibly at a school. There are edumacational models, strange glass tubes that light up, robots, gadgetmabobs and pretty butterflies that are dead and skewered on a pin. But most of the things are hidden in the many drawers and cabinets below.

Oh, nice. Dead animals. x( And little cages, holding... somthing. On the wall, there's some sort of odd and mysterious diagram, that can probably only be interpreted by the best and brightest of minds.

That dog probably had a name. It might have been someone's faithful companion, full of life and unconditional love. Now it's here, dead glass eyes staring into the room, seeing nothing.

Okay, what sort of place is this? Where do all these specimens come from? What's in the tubes?

And that is definitely a head in a jar, along with what looks like a heart and the veins connecting them. And someone's brain. I would run now, if I were you.

Poor R2-D2. :( What sort of pickle has he gotten himself in now? Also, more mysterious diagrams, and some sinister-looking surveillance equipement.

You run ahead, I'll be right behind you.
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