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I always take a few pictures I don't use, either because I can't find something to say about them, or because I get a better angle on the next try. Here are some unused pics from the latest installments.

Elvin seems displeased that his son-in-law is constantly lounging around naked in the pub-tub. I would be, too.

More under here. )
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As I said, the Narrator has a little surprise for you, before we return to the Starblooms sometime in the near future. Let's take a peek at the homelife of some of the neighbouring households! One of them is... well, my doing. It's based on some characters my friends and me had as kids, when we played "house" with little action figures. Narrator thought they'd be happy to live in this neighbourhood. So, Narrator... Shall we get narrating?

Yeah. >:( Look at this awful house TigerAnne put the Lewis family in!

Maybe tell the readers who the Lewises are?

Rite! They're Tessa, Falcon and William's family. In this world they haven't adopted Nathan and Nathaniel, so they're not Nightinsparrows. They live with a guy called Billy, and two twin girls with reed hair and their names are Frances and Jessamy.

Anyway the house looked like TigerAnne built it in 2005 so I built a new one! )
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Dad found Dumbledoor's beard in a drawer in the attick. He used to use it to play Santa Clause when we were smaller. I'm soooo happy! How do I get it into the computer so Dumbledore can wear it? I tried putting it in the disc drive, but it wouldn't close.
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HIIiii!? I'm still the Narrator and I tell you a tragic story about life after the apockalypse. But even if it is tragic,, it is a story about hope and dreams.

TigerAnne says I have to do a summary of what happened last time, because some of you could have memory loss like Edgar. Horaze, Toadstool and Sprocket moved away from their ancestral homestead, because Turnip hates Horace. And Horace hates Turnip. Sprocket got his dreams come true when he met Dani, because she's gothic and actually thought he was hot and sensitive. Their first date was really sad :( :( :( becayse Horace got hit by light and died, but Sprocket knew the differene between his soul and candy paper, so GRIM REAPER let them take him back. Dain thought Sproxet was a romantic hero, so now they are married with babies. Toadstool has married a rando called Stan and she's prenglant with a babu too.

Warnings: Literally Hitler, the Meat-slab Dress, pagans and discussions about CC that should never exist.

Now we meet their new neighbours soon. )
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HiiiIIiii! I'm Narrator and I'm so exited about this story. Like yea I know their just spears from my Prettacy, but it's important to hear they're side of the story. And now we introduce some important supporting characters! :D

You've seen most of them before, actually.

Yes AnneTiger, but you only use them as townies! I want to tell more of their story! We need some heroes in a post-armageddoned wilderness, and the Bogweeds are still going to be ugly for like three generations. ANYWAY! Now I tell you the story of the cousins!

Don't hate just because they're ugly, okay? )
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Hiiiiiii this is Barrator! Sssh don't tell anyone, but I'm drunk for the first time! I stole two cans of hard cider from my brother, LOL! DON't Do that if you're reading this story, because I'm a very bad role model you shouldn't be as. At least I did it at home.

Lats time on hhe Nightinwolvex, Lily is a teenager now, and is in love with Sean McAvoy. She's going to try saving him from his family. Kevin and Logan are adults now, and Logan is even crazier than Ryan. So that only leaves Kevin to continue the good fight. And Luly, if course!

Lily still belongs to [livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange.

Oh Maikana! )
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At 16 I wasn't really any smarter than Raelynn. It seems as if I've always had the maturity of someone about 2/3 of my age. :-(
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Hiiii, this is Narratoe! I'm going to tell you about Lily's first love, and how the Temple was coming along after the last time we saw the Nightinwolfs. If you're against scary cults, maybe you should read something else than this chapter. Or this story. Like maybe a book about how to be nice, because you sure ain't learning that from this story. This one is about people who are horrible!

This chapter is offensive to people. )
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Hiiiii! This is Narraelynn, and I'm about to tell you the next chapter of the dramatic and shocking story of the Nightinwolves. Liranda and Tallie are still evil, so don't trust anything they say!

Things are very mysterious. )
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I'm real sorryz that the update has been delayed, but TigerAnne has developed an unhealthy mania for cleaning her house, and I have to help her. >:C

PS: Orange jelly-drops taste like that green cheese. x(
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Hiiiiiii! This is Narreator! I'm working on the new update, I PROMIZE, but I wanted you to see this video because it's really great. This is from a show that was probably older than me, but it was in Australia and it was about kids surviving an apocalypse. They make a lot of shows like that in Australia, where the world ends and only Australia survives, for some weird reason? O.o But the new world they build is always better than the one they lost, because they've learned their'e lessons this time around. Maybe. It made me think of the Edgarcy, and how they're trying to rebuild the world and stuff, and I think this is just how their descendents will look when they start getting normal again. :D I wish people dressed like this, since it's the future now!
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I've finally gotten the Nightinwolf pictures sorted and uploaded to Imgur. There are 11 and a half pages of pictures, and there are 60 pictures on each page, so we're talking right below 700 pictures here! For once I'm not lying. 11 Imgur pages, amigos! That should make for three long, substantial chapters of brainwash and scheming.

In the mean time, the Starblooms want to say hi from the 19th century.

Clicky here for a very small update. )
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I've finallllly gotten around to finishing their current story-line, and things have been... interesting. Without spoiling too much, I can reveal that [livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange's Lily Dimwit joins the family, with dark intentions of her own. Tallie does something stupid, that threatens everything she cares about. There is cultish brainwashing, someone finds someone to punch, and Harry Potter makes an appearance.

I'm about to start sorting the pictures, so look for the first update in a couple of days' time.
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Well, you know... I don't actually want to learn how to play badly, because I already kinda know how to do that.
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If you're writing what you're hoping is a breath-taking, heart-rending romance... you do not name your romantic hero Stephen Morrisey. Also, blonde hair and a deep sun-tan is not really indicative of mostly Irish heritage. Sorz.
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It's perfect! Look! Dark and goffik atmosphere, weird costumes, bitterness towards family members... It's all there.
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Alright. :) This update contains a surprise that might annoy some, and please some others. To find out what it is, you need to read on.

In 5.2, Greg went on vacation to the House of Silent Despair. A fight broke out between a time-traveller and an MRA. We found out that the Starblooms' time-bending has created a whooping Mandela Effect, where their awful TV show is real life after all. Lots of people have memory loss, including Ettie and Elmer, who are no longer engaged because Elmer has been aged back to teen. There were tons of promotions. Ferrett and Wesley had their second daughter, Bennett. Edna got old, finally I should say. Hester grew up and started school. Leicester and Wesley fell out over... something? And I think those were the most important events.

More vacation misadventures this way. )
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Hi, Uglacy fans! :) It's time for more Magpie Madness, so let's have a short summary of what happened last.

The household finally got too much. All the immortals moved back to their ancestral home at Magpie Manor. Peggy, Barth, Francine and Sharkey have all been granted immortal status. The rest of the family sold off their large, unwieldy mansion, and bought a much smaller suburban home they've named Magpie Nest. Leicester flirted up Maude, who he met while he was out camping. An attempt at killing Elmer McClellan was unsuccessful. Sharkey came over to beat up his father. Ferrett and Wesley had their first child, a girl they named Hester after her grandfather. She looked a lot like Ferrett. There were lots of promotions, mostly for Flora and Leicester. Gus became and elder, and the Fortune Teller came by to drop off a magic lamp.

This update reveals some highly unsettling facts. )

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