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Hello! The Magpie Pretties are back! It's the dawn of a new era for them. :) I don't know what I was thinking, believing I could get this out on Monday. Instead you get weekend reading, as in it's going to take you all weekend to read this. x)

I'll tell you when it's half-time, so you can stretch your legs and get a hot-dog.

Things are about to change drastically for our friends. )
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Sooo... After having spent over a week in the company of the very loony Starbloom family, it's time to return to the Magpies and their relative sanity. This update is a bit old, taking place before Aylatani came into her pityful exitance.

Warning: CLOWN! D: Moving .gif

Generation 4 begins in the next update. )
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Yes, where were we? Last time, Louise had her first two children, a boy named Sharkey and a daughter named Editha. Old Rowland experienced his second youth, and got engaged to his longtime three-bolter, Helena. Yes, that Helena, Isabel and Alfie's oldest sister, previous Torch Holder of the MacAvoys. No, they will not have babies. It was really hot, and everyone had loads of heat-strokes. Ettie and Molly perved over each other's fathers. Rowland beat the snot out of Isabel. Helena gave them a huge DJ-booth, that they had to build a whole new building for. It made butler Ethan a very happy man. Mary Elizabeth got old. The Fortune Teller dropped off a new Genie-lamp, so she got to wish for Peace of Mind in her old age. Sharkey was neglected, and lay passed out on the lawn a lot. Bartholomew became a teen and rolled Family like his father. Editha turned out to be a clone of Louise. Sinjin died. There were promotions. Yes, that about covers it.

Disclaimer: I was slightly drunk while I wrote parts of this.

This way for nice, braindead weekend reading. )
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For some reason, a lot of the pictures in this update are so dark that they're hard to make out in daylight. They look okay at night, when they're lit up by the computer screen. :-/

This update is probably almost as long as the last. )
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This is a long update with over 150 pictures plus screen-shots. Packing lunch is strongly recommended.

Dates and babies and puppies and a wedding. )
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I know I said this round there was only enough pictures for one update. But then it turned out there were actually 230 of them, plus screen-caps, so this session will be split over two more reasonable updates.

The teasers aren't getting any prettier either. )
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Last time, our founder Douglas died from old age on his youngest daughter's teen birthday. Elys managed to forgive Sinjin, and the two of them got hitched ankle-deep in the vegetable garden. Weedy met Alfie McAvoy, and rescued him from a lifetime of moronic suffering. At the start of this update, both heiresses are pregnant, and the expectations are high!

Let's see Generation 3, shall we? )
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Last time around, our founder Doug became an old, grumpy troll. Rowland grew up into an unstable Romance Sim, who had a flirt with the perpetually PJ-wearing Mallory. Elys and Weedy were named double heirs, and the local teen psycho hung around a lot.

Longest update yet, 120+ pictures.

Growing up sucks. )
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Last time on the Magpie Prettacy, Doug and Allyn had two daughters in a short space of time. One aged up a little better than the other. Rowland hit his teens, and Doug finally got into the Oceanography career. We left them just after their youngest daughter aged up to child.

This is a pretty long update. )

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