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Wow, we're really getting up in the generations here. :) I don't know how many have had time to read 5.4 yet, since it was posted pretty late last night, but I'm including a summary of it for the benefit of future readers. It's under the cut, for spoilerz.

I would duct-tape a cushion to your forehead, if I were you. )
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I lied, apparently. There weren't 400 pictures. When the duplicates were deleted, there were exactly 255, so I must have counted the thumbnails. Oh well, it's enough for two sizeable chunks of ISBI. :)

Since we last saw the Macs, Helena has rejoined Alfie and Isabel at the Magpie house, and is living happily with her great love Rowland.

This update is fail. )
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Yeah, this should actually have been 3.1, but things happened and...

Warning: This entry contains a moving GIF.

Jennifer goes on the man-hunt. )
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Last time we visited the MacAvoys, Helena had taken over as Torch Holder, and gotten married to an elfish mobster named Lonzo. She gave birth to the two children that were supposed to be the only ones of Generation 3. Heather, her firstborn, became the test-rag that everything went wrong for. Baby number two was the ghostly pale Jennifer. The update ended just as she aged up to toddlerhood. In the mean time, Alfie married Cynthia "Weedy" Magpie, and has now moved out of the house.

Let's see if Helena gets better at this whole parenting-thing... )

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