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Here is my ambitious list:

1: I will not let despair win.
2: I will find a "project" for each night after work, even if it is mundane stuff I have to do anyway.
3: I will try to get back in touch with people I know, even if it's just by liking their FB pictures.
4: I will try to be the best I can at work.
5: I will work out a bit, every day, even if I feel that the world is ending, and I want to go to sleep.
6: I will try to learn how to do DIY home-improvement, starting by painting the long-planned work room.
7: I will not let despair win.
8: I will eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
9: I will quit drinking sodas and energy drinks on weekdays.
10: I will go into town every Friday after work, for old times' sake.
11: I will not sleep longer than 9 on days off, unless I has a sick.
12: I will not stay up longer than to 1am, if I have the next day off.
13: I will try to catch up on Game of Thrones, so I know what people are talking about.
14: I will apply for all the "dream jobs" I find listed, even if I have zero chance at getting them.
15: I will actually start an organized attempt at getting my novel series down on "paper."
16: I will not let despair win.
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Okay, the external DVD player I bought is only for watching films. It was cheap, anyway. I need a DVD ROM, and I don't know if anyone sells external ones in shops anymore. I have to find out, or go looking for one online. As it is, I still can't install anything on this computer. Soooo...

I'm on hiatus, like this was Simblr or something. At first I was planning to just discontinue my legacies until further notice, but that's pretty much what "hiatus" means anyway.

I'll still be reading and commenting on other people's legacies. :)
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This is actually a pretty big deal for me. I'm this close to actually getting my driver's license, all I'm lacking is the theory exam and driving test. For some reasons I don't really want to go into details about, I've been putting off finishing my driver's ed for almost eight years.

The past couple of nights I've been having dreams where the theme seemed to be picking up on all my old dreams and moving on. So, this afternoon, I picked up my cellphone and booked a lesson with the guy my boss recommended. It was way overdue.

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