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Alright. :) This update contains a surprise that might annoy some, and please some others. To find out what it is, you need to read on.

In 5.2, Greg went on vacation to the House of Silent Despair. A fight broke out between a time-traveller and an MRA. We found out that the Starblooms' time-bending has created a whooping Mandela Effect, where their awful TV show is real life after all. Lots of people have memory loss, including Ettie and Elmer, who are no longer engaged because Elmer has been aged back to teen. There were tons of promotions. Ferrett and Wesley had their second daughter, Bennett. Edna got old, finally I should say. Hester grew up and started school. Leicester and Wesley fell out over... something? And I think those were the most important events.

More vacation misadventures this way. )
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Hi, Uglacy fans! :) It's time for more Magpie Madness, so let's have a short summary of what happened last.

The household finally got too much. All the immortals moved back to their ancestral home at Magpie Manor. Peggy, Barth, Francine and Sharkey have all been granted immortal status. The rest of the family sold off their large, unwieldy mansion, and bought a much smaller suburban home they've named Magpie Nest. Leicester flirted up Maude, who he met while he was out camping. An attempt at killing Elmer McClellan was unsuccessful. Sharkey came over to beat up his father. Ferrett and Wesley had their first child, a girl they named Hester after her grandfather. She looked a lot like Ferrett. There were lots of promotions, mostly for Flora and Leicester. Gus became and elder, and the Fortune Teller came by to drop off a magic lamp.

This update reveals some highly unsettling facts. )
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That's right! This is now an Uglacy. :D This coming generation will still be better looking than those that have gone before, but the next one will be heading for deformation. :) There was a reason I bred Edgar to Aylatani. The spares from the Edgarcy will be this generation's suitors!

Yay! I've got enough pictures for 3 updates! This will be the longest, because things.

Things are going to change, once again. )
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This was a relatively quick and easy build. I used a real floorplan, but I managed to fit in more rooms on the upper floor than in the original. There are seven bedrooms in all, including a ground-floor nursery, five full bathrooms, one tiny extra bathroom, a TV-den and a large, open kitchen/dining/livingroom.

Click to see pictures that make the house out to be prettier than it is. )
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I rolled the pacifier with Aylatani and Douglas. Since I'm not planning on breeding those two for real, this isn't a spoiler. Have some pictures of the offspring...

More beautiful Sims have never been pacified. )
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I've been getting a bit tired of the Magpies. They're at the point where their kids are becoming more and more normal, so... From here on, they shall be known as the Magpie UGLACY! :D Prepare for lots of cheating, where I'll create the worst possible abominations to dip in their DNA-pool.
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Hiiiiyaaa! This is MEEEE, Narrator. TigerAnne's at this Christmas dinner thing with her work, so I thought I would post this update for her, so we can get on to MY stories!!!

I'll try to spell good, but I'm watching Orphan Black on Netflix while I'm writing, so it's a bit hard to see the keyboard all the tome.

And I'm sort of trying to write my essay about Edison at the same time. )
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Suddenly the Magpies were back!

Last time, I decided that Ferrett (I spelled her name wrong throughout the update) should be the next Heir. Peggy drank ReNuYu, and went on a second date with Ernest. Not only did it turn out a lot better than their first one, they went all the way to engagement. Ernest used his influence at work, and Peggy got promoted all the way to Hall of Famer. She's now PermaPlat, and I don't have to worry about her again. :D

Flora came of age, and joined the exhausting life of an adventurer. She also became a werewolf, along with Chester, Molly and Leicester. As you're about to see, not everyone's too happy about that...

Poor Greg, except he's not. )
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The Magpies are finally back! It's been over a year since we last saw their majestic noses and eye-stalks.

There are three updates coming, of around 110 pictures each, not counting screens. I'll try to avoid getting into the ridiculously long updates I had going last time around. A few really unexpected things will happen to the Mags, over the course of them. Anyway, we need a little recap of what happened a year ago.

The Wolves of Magpie Manor. )
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Since I keep joking about most of my Sims probably writing their age with three digits, I got curious and decided to do some roughly estimated calculations. This is more for my own benefit than anything, but if you're interested...

Warning: Don't read this if you're a math-fascist, who feels pain watching others miscalculate. This is not going to be completely accurate. The disproportionately long teen stage throws it off, by being longer than childhood instead of half the length. I suspect I suffer from some degree of Dyscalculia too, which is like Dyslexia for numbers.

I assume that Sims turn 2 when they age up to toddlers, 5 as children, 13 as teens and 20 as adults. The elder birthday does not happen at any fixed point.

Many of them are actually very old. )
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Hello! The Magpie Pretties are back! It's the dawn of a new era for them. :) I don't know what I was thinking, believing I could get this out on Monday. Instead you get weekend reading, as in it's going to take you all weekend to read this. x)

I'll tell you when it's half-time, so you can stretch your legs and get a hot-dog.

Things are about to change drastically for our friends. )
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Sooo... After having spent over a week in the company of the very loony Starbloom family, it's time to return to the Magpies and their relative sanity. This update is a bit old, taking place before Aylatani came into her pityful exitance.

Warning: CLOWN! D: Moving .gif

Generation 4 begins in the next update. )
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I know my Legacy families are huge and confusing to most readers. Since I don't really have ANY photoshopping skills to speak of, or any editing program that actually works, it's text only for now.

Basically, it goes like this:

Founders and Heirs in bold. )
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Yes, where were we? Last time, Louise had her first two children, a boy named Sharkey and a daughter named Editha. Old Rowland experienced his second youth, and got engaged to his longtime three-bolter, Helena. Yes, that Helena, Isabel and Alfie's oldest sister, previous Torch Holder of the MacAvoys. No, they will not have babies. It was really hot, and everyone had loads of heat-strokes. Ettie and Molly perved over each other's fathers. Rowland beat the snot out of Isabel. Helena gave them a huge DJ-booth, that they had to build a whole new building for. It made butler Ethan a very happy man. Mary Elizabeth got old. The Fortune Teller dropped off a new Genie-lamp, so she got to wish for Peace of Mind in her old age. Sharkey was neglected, and lay passed out on the lawn a lot. Bartholomew became a teen and rolled Family like his father. Editha turned out to be a clone of Louise. Sinjin died. There were promotions. Yes, that about covers it.

Disclaimer: I was slightly drunk while I wrote parts of this.

This way for nice, braindead weekend reading. )
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For some reason, a lot of the pictures in this update are so dark that they're hard to make out in daylight. They look okay at night, when they're lit up by the computer screen. :-/

This update is probably almost as long as the last. )
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This is a long update with over 150 pictures plus screen-shots. Packing lunch is strongly recommended.

Dates and babies and puppies and a wedding. )

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