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Hi, Uglacy fans! :) It's time for more Magpie Madness, so let's have a short summary of what happened last.

The household finally got too much. All the immortals moved back to their ancestral home at Magpie Manor. Peggy, Barth, Francine and Sharkey have all been granted immortal status. The rest of the family sold off their large, unwieldy mansion, and bought a much smaller suburban home they've named Magpie Nest. Leicester flirted up Maude, who he met while he was out camping. An attempt at killing Elmer McClellan was unsuccessful. Sharkey came over to beat up his father. Ferrett and Wesley had their first child, a girl they named Hester after her grandfather. She looked a lot like Ferrett. There were lots of promotions, mostly for Flora and Leicester. Gus became and elder, and the Fortune Teller came by to drop off a magic lamp.

This update reveals some highly unsettling facts. )
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For some reason, a lot of the pictures in this update are so dark that they're hard to make out in daylight. They look okay at night, when they're lit up by the computer screen. :-/

This update is probably almost as long as the last. )
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Okay, this stupid update has been put off forever. I can barely remember what happened anymore, but hopefully the pictures will refresh my memory. So... last time, Williana made a teenaged Servo named Oliver, that was meant to be Wilandra's resident toy-boy. They actually did fall in love, but her vile moods caused her to bully him around. He did however still have the hots for her, and some flirting ensued.

Williana has no idea how much danger she's in )
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This update starts at the beginning of winter number nine. Goodbye to Milena's ugly Maxis suit, I got replacements!

Someone has the best worst idea so far. )
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Let's start with a bit of mother-daughter time, before poor Alexandra's life goes down the shitter again.

More fight. )
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Farm bread with bacon has become a favourite in the house. It was what everyone cooked for a while. This is also a rare picture of Morris doing something. He's incredibly boring, actually. When he's not at work or watching TV, he's probably asleep.

This entry contains violence against women and hipsters, perpetrated by women and hipsters. )
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The update begins in winter, at a point where young Alexandra was seriously losing it.

And then there was a lot of fail. )
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Welcome to my first attempt at playing a Sim-challenge, with the intention of actually posting the results. I've got a long and questionable history of abusing and experimenting on my Sims in both Sims 2 and 3, but that's another story.

Here are the members of the Atherton clan, just dropped off in front of their new... lawn.

The Athertons are idiots. )

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