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HIIiii!? I'm still the Narrator and I tell you a tragic story about life after the apockalypse. But even if it is tragic,, it is a story about hope and dreams.

TigerAnne says I have to do a summary of what happened last time, because some of you could have memory loss like Edgar. Horaze, Toadstool and Sprocket moved away from their ancestral homestead, because Turnip hates Horace. And Horace hates Turnip. Sprocket got his dreams come true when he met Dani, because she's gothic and actually thought he was hot and sensitive. Their first date was really sad :( :( :( becayse Horace got hit by light and died, but Sprocket knew the differene between his soul and candy paper, so GRIM REAPER let them take him back. Dain thought Sproxet was a romantic hero, so now they are married with babies. Toadstool has married a rando called Stan and she's prenglant with a babu too.

Warnings: Literally Hitler, the Meat-slab Dress, pagans and discussions about CC that should never exist.

Now we meet their new neighbours soon. )
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HiiiIIiii! I'm Narrator and I'm so exited about this story. Like yea I know their just spears from my Prettacy, but it's important to hear they're side of the story. And now we introduce some important supporting characters! :D

You've seen most of them before, actually.

Yes AnneTiger, but you only use them as townies! I want to tell more of their story! We need some heroes in a post-armageddoned wilderness, and the Bogweeds are still going to be ugly for like three generations. ANYWAY! Now I tell you the story of the cousins!

Don't hate just because they're ugly, okay? )
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Edgar and family are back, to suffer some more for your entertainment. :D Last time, the kids were all picking fights with each other. Bolton temporarily became a boy, much to the distress of her twin sister, who was left as the only girl in this post-apocalyptic country. Aylatani mentally scarred Horace, repeatedly. The parentals were compelled to go to an abandoned camp-site, where they met several mysterious individuals who spoke in vague predictions. Legolas the gothic Elf became the neighbourhood spy-object. All the kids became teenagers, and Horace & Sprocket made some lame attempts at flirting up girls. Horace also discovered that his true identity is Shrek.

And now it gets really ugly. )
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Welcome back to the Edgarcy! Last time, our favourite scruffy lumberjack moved to the middle of nowhere to start his dynasty. What could possibly go wrong? He married Aylatani, who once founded the Starbloom Travecy, although with a slightly different face. They quickly had quads plus twins, and desperation descended upon them.

This chapter contains innuendoes, mention of mass deaths, kicks below the belt and issues that would have been a lot more serious in real life.

At least there won't be any more babies, this generation. )
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First off, don't worry. The Magpies are coming. I haven't abandoned them! Buuuut, you see, I needed someone really ugly for the next generation to marry, so I told Narrator that she could go ahead and start her prettacy. That way, we'll get to know the person marrying into the Magpies a bit, beforehand. Anyone who's not an heir, will be extracted and put into the Magpies' hood as eligible candidates. :)

So without further ado... Narrator, please tell us what happened.

They were so ugly I got sad. :( )
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Hiiiiyaaa! This is MEEEE, Narrator. TigerAnne's at this Christmas dinner thing with her work, so I thought I would post this update for her, so we can get on to MY stories!!!

I'll try to spell good, but I'm watching Orphan Black on Netflix while I'm writing, so it's a bit hard to see the keyboard all the tome.

And I'm sort of trying to write my essay about Edison at the same time. )
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Suddenly the Magpies were back!

Last time, I decided that Ferrett (I spelled her name wrong throughout the update) should be the next Heir. Peggy drank ReNuYu, and went on a second date with Ernest. Not only did it turn out a lot better than their first one, they went all the way to engagement. Ernest used his influence at work, and Peggy got promoted all the way to Hall of Famer. She's now PermaPlat, and I don't have to worry about her again. :D

Flora came of age, and joined the exhausting life of an adventurer. She also became a werewolf, along with Chester, Molly and Leicester. As you're about to see, not everyone's too happy about that...

Poor Greg, except he's not. )
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The Magpies are finally back! It's been over a year since we last saw their majestic noses and eye-stalks.

There are three updates coming, of around 110 pictures each, not counting screens. I'll try to avoid getting into the ridiculously long updates I had going last time around. A few really unexpected things will happen to the Mags, over the course of them. Anyway, we need a little recap of what happened a year ago.

The Wolves of Magpie Manor. )
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Since I keep joking about most of my Sims probably writing their age with three digits, I got curious and decided to do some roughly estimated calculations. This is more for my own benefit than anything, but if you're interested...

Warning: Don't read this if you're a math-fascist, who feels pain watching others miscalculate. This is not going to be completely accurate. The disproportionately long teen stage throws it off, by being longer than childhood instead of half the length. I suspect I suffer from some degree of Dyscalculia too, which is like Dyslexia for numbers.

I assume that Sims turn 2 when they age up to toddlers, 5 as children, 13 as teens and 20 as adults. The elder birthday does not happen at any fixed point.

Many of them are actually very old. )
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Hello! The Magpie Pretties are back! It's the dawn of a new era for them. :) I don't know what I was thinking, believing I could get this out on Monday. Instead you get weekend reading, as in it's going to take you all weekend to read this. x)

I'll tell you when it's half-time, so you can stretch your legs and get a hot-dog.

Things are about to change drastically for our friends. )
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Sooo... After having spent over a week in the company of the very loony Starbloom family, it's time to return to the Magpies and their relative sanity. This update is a bit old, taking place before Aylatani came into her pityful exitance.

Warning: CLOWN! D: Moving .gif

Generation 4 begins in the next update. )
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Yes, where were we? Last time, Louise had her first two children, a boy named Sharkey and a daughter named Editha. Old Rowland experienced his second youth, and got engaged to his longtime three-bolter, Helena. Yes, that Helena, Isabel and Alfie's oldest sister, previous Torch Holder of the MacAvoys. No, they will not have babies. It was really hot, and everyone had loads of heat-strokes. Ettie and Molly perved over each other's fathers. Rowland beat the snot out of Isabel. Helena gave them a huge DJ-booth, that they had to build a whole new building for. It made butler Ethan a very happy man. Mary Elizabeth got old. The Fortune Teller dropped off a new Genie-lamp, so she got to wish for Peace of Mind in her old age. Sharkey was neglected, and lay passed out on the lawn a lot. Bartholomew became a teen and rolled Family like his father. Editha turned out to be a clone of Louise. Sinjin died. There were promotions. Yes, that about covers it.

Disclaimer: I was slightly drunk while I wrote parts of this.

This way for nice, braindead weekend reading. )
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For some reason, a lot of the pictures in this update are so dark that they're hard to make out in daylight. They look okay at night, when they're lit up by the computer screen. :-/

This update is probably almost as long as the last. )
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This is a long update with over 150 pictures plus screen-shots. Packing lunch is strongly recommended.

Dates and babies and puppies and a wedding. )
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It's been a while, hasn't it? *whistle* This update isn't super exiting, to be honest.

And we're still only on Generation 2?! )
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Guys, I've got about 700 pictures from the last three playing sessions. Most of them are unsorted, so it's going to take a while to have them all put in the right order. Numbering them as I take them works really well for about two hours, and then it's back to hitting C indiscriminately. But the good news is that I've got a bunch of pics.

Most of Generation 4 is born in both legacies, and I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out. Can't wait to show you! Since I number the updates after the adult generation in charge, it's Generation 3 I'm about to start posting, though.

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