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I saw [livejournal.com profile] alittlestrange and [livejournal.com profile] laridian do a thing where they typed their initials into a gif-search, and posted the result. Since I'm a lemming who has to copy everything my friends do (Not really, but I used to be like that), here is my first result:

Mildly NSFW. )
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All this talk about bad romance, has awoken my inner troll. You read this on your own risk, and please don't read while eating.

This is you guys' fault! The worst erotic short-story evur wroted. )
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There just has to be, because this exists. The author has several books that all have the same plot. Only the species of dinosaur is different. x)

I blame the Scumthorpe Files, and their recent discussion about really bad romance/erotica, for making my brain an even darker and dirtier place than it already was.
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I rolled the pacifier with Aylatani and Douglas. Since I'm not planning on breeding those two for real, this isn't a spoiler. Have some pictures of the offspring...

More beautiful Sims have never been pacified. )
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So what happens now? The Narrator is wiping her brave tears, and will now tell us.

Oh no another update. Such miserable! )

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