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This time it really IS 4.7! :D

Last time around, the twins and Renesmee declared each other eternal enemies, over the whole Jacob-fiasco. Ryan, who's currently in the Asylum, being treated for his various mental abnormalities, came back to visit. Iris finally got a glimpse of life at a normal school. It wasn't really a very exiting update.

This update is hopefully back to good, old ethically questionable form. For goodness snake, people, don't take this too seriously. And don't dress like T'anamika! I now hand the reigns over to Narrator, who will bring us the story of what happened next.

Please, don't try any of this at home! )
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This is mostly just a filler update, showing the consequences of things that happened in the last chapter. At this point, I was lacking a lot of the stuff I needed to move the plot in the direction I was planning. There's a much better chapter coming after this one.

Click for short summary of last time. )
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Yes, I said this was going to be 2.1, but there were more pictures left from Elliott's reign as Torch Holder than I thought. There will be a new one taking over during this update, but for most of it, Generation 1 is still in charge.

With the return of a special star! )
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Last time on the Magpie Prettacy, Doug and Allyn had two daughters in a short space of time. One aged up a little better than the other. Rowland hit his teens, and Doug finally got into the Oceanography career. We left them just after their youngest daughter aged up to child.

This is a pretty long update. )
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Okay, this stupid update has been put off forever. I can barely remember what happened anymore, but hopefully the pictures will refresh my memory. So... last time, Williana made a teenaged Servo named Oliver, that was meant to be Wilandra's resident toy-boy. They actually did fall in love, but her vile moods caused her to bully him around. He did however still have the hots for her, and some flirting ensued.

Williana has no idea how much danger she's in )
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This update starts at the beginning of winter number nine. Goodbye to Milena's ugly Maxis suit, I got replacements!

Someone has the best worst idea so far. )
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Let's start with a bit of mother-daughter time, before poor Alexandra's life goes down the shitter again.

More fight. )
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Farm bread with bacon has become a favourite in the house. It was what everyone cooked for a while. This is also a rare picture of Morris doing something. He's incredibly boring, actually. When he's not at work or watching TV, he's probably asleep.

This entry contains violence against women and hipsters, perpetrated by women and hipsters. )
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The update begins in winter, at a point where young Alexandra was seriously losing it.

And then there was a lot of fail. )
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Welcome to my first attempt at playing a Sim-challenge, with the intention of actually posting the results. I've got a long and questionable history of abusing and experimenting on my Sims in both Sims 2 and 3, but that's another story.

Here are the members of the Atherton clan, just dropped off in front of their new... lawn.

The Athertons are idiots. )

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