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Last time, Sadie and Carter made another baby. It turned out to be their third son, Daniel. Stephen was a nerd, and Sean started showing interest in mechanics. Indiana died :( and the hole he left behind was plugged with a kitten named Bailey. Marshall was the fluffiest cat of all times. Harriet was beautiful, and won the maid's heart and eternal faithfulness. Sean grew up surprisingly well, only to throw a lot of tantrums. Both of the older boys got to see the scary side of Mrs. Swiller. Liranda came by to perform Wishmaster by Nightwish, in a very, uh... special version. Stephen was miserable. Sadie got herself knocked up again. Daniel grew up to a toddler, and didn't look like his older "twin" brothers.

This entry contains mentions of emotional abuse, and song-lyrics by Ed Kowalczyk.

This way for parental favourism. )
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What? No, it IS the MacAvoys! Last time, Sadie got married to the previously undatable Carter. She immediately got to work producing rugrats, and had two almost-clone boys named Stephen and Sean. Fred died, and so did the cats Kendrick and Gordon. Sadie, of course, adopted two kittens to fill the void they left. In fact, half the update were pictures of the cats. Carter was a good Daddy to both kids and cats, and Sadie started an evil robot empire.

Are the Macs going loco, soon? )
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Right! Sadie has taken over the torch, and will probably put that last "I" back in ISBI, where it belongs. Before we start, here's a quick update on what has become of her siblings, as you'll see that none of them are around anymore. Alice and Annabelle have moved in with the Starblooms, and Alice is married to Ben. Annabelle is engaged to Nathaniel Nightinsparrow. Wesley has married Ferrett Magpie, and will contribute his genes to what will probably be the last generation to actually improve their looks, as the Magpies are going to become an Uglacy from here.

Let's get the new generation started, eh? )
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So, last time... Wesley grew up and lost his sanity. Let's see how his adulthood unfolds, how Annabelle copes with her newfound inner darkness, and who will be the 5th Torch Holder of the MacAvoy ISBI.

Now with even more cats! )
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Warning: This entry contains half a Sim-bum. If that bother's you, proceed with caution.

It's been a while since we last saw the slightly idiotic MacAvoy family in action, so you may want to refresh your memory a little on what happened last time. In case you don't feel like reading the whole past entry again, here's a short summary:

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Yay! We're on Generation 4! Or, we will be at some point during this update. ;)

150-ish pictures plus screens. )
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I lied, apparently. There weren't 400 pictures. When the duplicates were deleted, there were exactly 255, so I must have counted the thumbnails. Oh well, it's enough for two sizeable chunks of ISBI. :)

Since we last saw the Macs, Helena has rejoined Alfie and Isabel at the Magpie house, and is living happily with her great love Rowland.

This update is fail. )
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I know my Legacy families are huge and confusing to most readers. Since I don't really have ANY photoshopping skills to speak of, or any editing program that actually works, it's text only for now.

Basically, it goes like this:

Founders and Heirs in bold. )
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Guys, I've got about 700 pictures from the last three playing sessions. Most of them are unsorted, so it's going to take a while to have them all put in the right order. Numbering them as I take them works really well for about two hours, and then it's back to hitting C indiscriminately. But the good news is that I've got a bunch of pics.

Most of Generation 4 is born in both legacies, and I'm pretty happy with how they have turned out. Can't wait to show you! Since I number the updates after the adult generation in charge, it's Generation 3 I'm about to start posting, though.
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Yeah, this should actually have been 3.1, but things happened and...

Warning: This entry contains a moving GIF.

Jennifer goes on the man-hunt. )
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Last time we visited the MacAvoys, Helena had taken over as Torch Holder, and gotten married to an elfish mobster named Lonzo. She gave birth to the two children that were supposed to be the only ones of Generation 3. Heather, her firstborn, became the test-rag that everything went wrong for. Baby number two was the ghostly pale Jennifer. The update ended just as she aged up to toddlerhood. In the mean time, Alfie married Cynthia "Weedy" Magpie, and has now moved out of the house.

Let's see if Helena gets better at this whole parenting-thing... )

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